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10 Best Budget MIG Welder [110V & 220V] (2021) Unlimited Buying guide

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If you’re a first-timer in welding, then you may not want to spend a lot of money buying an expensive welding machine. By all means, you can upgrade to a more complex machine once you scale up your skills.

If you’re looking for a budget option, you’ll discover that there are lots of brands on the market. At times, it may be difficult deciding on the best that will suit your needs and give you value.

Also, it can get complicated if the best machine out there costs a lot. Without a doubt, some of the best budget MIG welders are costly. However, they are also versatile in performing various functions. It’s no wonder these machines are enormous and would require a trolley to move them around.

For someone starting, this might seem like a far-fetched dream. Similarly, if you have a small workshop with limited resources, it can be tricky deciding on a budget option. Equally, people with large workshops might need a small machine for running local errands outdoors.

Top 10 Best budget MIG welder Reviews

Image Product   Price
Lincoln-Electric-K2185-–-1-Handy-MIG-Welder-best-home-welder Lincoln Electric K2185 – 1 Handy MIG Welder  Best Overall Check Price
LONGEVITY MIG weld 140-140 Amp Best cheap MIG
Check Price
Pro-Series-MIG-Welder-best-110v-MIG-welder Pro-Series MIG Welder Good value for money
Best home Mig
Check Price
Yeswelder-flux-135-MIG-Welder Yeswelder flux 135 MIG Welder review Portable MIG affordable price Check Price
Super-Deal-PRO-Commercial-MIG-Welder-best-MIG-welder-110v Super-Deal-PRO-Commercial-MIG-Welder-best-MIG-welder-110v Best choice
Check Price

Worry less as we have assembled the best budget MIG welder (110V & 220V) for easy selections. We shall also look at their pros, cons, what to consider when buying, and everything else you need to know. Let’s embark on the discussion.

Best 110v MIG Welder

1. Lincoln Electric K2185 – 1 Handy MIG Welder– Best Professional MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric K2185 – 1 Handy MIG Welder-best home welder

MIG welders are easy to learn and operate. As a beginner, you shouldn’t fear that you’ll buy a welder then get a professional to train you

With a little amount of training and reading through the owner’s manual, you can be able to operate Lincoln Electric MIG welder, which is the best for hobby projects/home repair welder. With time, you’ll get your hands on this simple machine and do your home repairs rather than engaging outdoor services.

Something else about the Lincoln is that it’s compact, lightweight, and portable. Therefore, this makes it easy to move around and do simple repairs within your home.

With Lincoln Electric K 2185, you can weld up to 1/8 steel. It’s also suitable for flux core welding.

Additionally, this machine is built with an input power source of 115V and an output of between 35 and 88Amp. With this kind of output, it can be applied for minor jobs or as learning equipment.

You can adjust settings to suit your job as the machine is designed with four voltage settings. This enables you to set the amperage depending on the thickness of the metal.

The continuous wire feed speed control helps you in setting the weld, maintain accuracy and speed.

Most welding machines are bulky. Lincoln Electric K2185 is exceptional as it weighs around 46lbs, making it convenient to carry around with ease.

To enhance safety, a cold contractor in it helps in ensuring the wire remains cold until when you pull the gun trigger to start welding. Besides, it has a fan to cool it, and consequently, this increases its durability.

Lincoln K2185, is affordable considering the amount you can spend to outsource welding services and has a warranty of one year on parts and labor


  • Durable machine that will give value for money
  • Versatile since it welds MIG & Flux-cored
  • Affordable pricing when you compare to other
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Ready to use and hence user-friendly


  • Cannot weld aluminum
  • The Flux core and shielding gas are sold separately

2. LONGEVITY MIG weld 140-140 AmpCompact and powerful


If you’re looking for an affordable MIG welder to begin your welding work, then choose Longevity MIG WELD 140, which is the best cheap MIG welder and upscale your skills.

If you lack experience, this is the right machine that is easy to set up. It requires connecting to a 110V power outlet with a standard cord power of 110V. Hence, you can start your welding by plugging onto a standard power outlet.

This machine has a system for protecting against overload. What this means is that it comes to a halt when hot, thereby allowing it to cool. Then, it restarts, and this protects the machine from overheating and subsequent damages.

Through the use of Transformer technology, this machine will serve your welding needs. Not only is it top-grade and reliable, but also compact and portable. With a weight of 41lbs, this makes it suitable for outdoor jobs.

The settings are clearly fixed, easy to operate, and don’t require much training. You’ll use the adjustment dials to set the machine at the most suitable speed and timings.

This machine is generously packed with many accessories to facilitate your welding work on the purchase. These include a mask, welding wire, brush, hammer, gas valve and more. Once you purchase this machine, it’s ready for use.

The machine allows you to weld even aluminum metal by using a spool gun which is optional and can be purchased separately. This is an added advantage to use together with a wire feeder that comes with the machine for welding other types of metals. Therefore, we consider this welding machine as the best wire feed welder.

The gas quantity is regulated through an Auto-port flow to ensure a sufficient amount of gas is allowed through the torch to cool it efficiently and for safety.


  • Durable and hence will last many days
  • Lightweight design
  • Portable and thus suitable for outdoor projects
  • User friendly for a beginner
  • Reliable and high performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price


  • Spool gun is not included. Buying it separately attracts extra costs.

3. Pro-Series MIG Welder Kit 125- Best home Mig welder

Pro-Series MIG Welder-best 110v MIG welder

If you’re looking for a welding machine capable of doing small jobs and medium jobs with limited finance, the Pro Series MMIG 125 Flux core welder is an excellent consideration. We consider it as the best 110v MIG welder since it’s suitable when starting a small workshop.

This machine will do welding anywhere, whether it’s home repair, garage, or farm, or any other outdoor jobs you may wish to perform.

The Pro-series welding machine is compact and lightweight. Hence, you can carry it around for your outdoor project. It’s a good home machine, and since it has a handle, you don’t need a trolley to move it around.

Unlike other welders within the same range, the Pro-series is robust with an output of 125Amp and can fit input of 12OV.

This welder is suitable for all types of carbon steel and is capable of producing precise, strong, and smooth welds.

Accordingly, it has two voltage settings for easy adjustment, depending on the metal thickness. At 120V, you’ll be able to weld 18 gauge metals up to a maximum of 3/16 in. This makes the machine more versatile, and you can even choose wire range between .030 – .035.

The machine is a good value for money and comes packed with many accessories. These include a ground cable with a clamp, welding gun, spool of flux-cored wire, face mask, and brush hammer. This enables you to start using the machine after purchase. Just plug it into a power source and start your welding works.

As a beginner or inexperienced welder, you may face challenges. Some parts may be malfunctioning and affect performance. These are just teething problems, and a warranty is there for you on parts for 90 days.

Plus, the tips are replaceable.


  • Lightweight design allows for portability
  • Durable machine that will give you value
  • Versatile to cut different types of metal
  • Stable weld and powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design for secure storage


  • It doesn’t have a DC output
  • Warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear

4. Yeswelder flux 135 MIG Welder review, Good Cheap Mig Welder

Yeswelder flux 135 MIG Welder

If you need a welding machine for home use with low input power, then choose Yeswelder flux 135 MIG Welder review. It runs on average household current and output of 135Amp. We consider it the best affordable MIG welder.

This welder is easy to use, and this makes it suitable for a beginner with limited skills. You only need to study its manual clearly with no extra training whatsoever.

Another thing to note is that the Yeswelder flux 135A is fitted with a Thermal Overload Protector, which protects your machine from overheating. Consequently, this saves it from imminent damage, which may cause malfunctioning and affect production. It shuts down when overheated and automatically restarts when cooling is complete.

Since it’s fitted with a four adjustable heat control, you’ll be able to apply appropriate heat depending on the thickness of metal.

What is more, its torch has an on/off safety control button to switch it off when not in use. For this reason, you can turn it on when necessary.

This machine welds without using gas while achieving an excellent end product and can weld stainless steel and is affordable.

It is portable and lightweight, weighing less than 40lbs. And can be carried around without a trolley. This makes it suitable for the outdoors. Storage is easy since it has a compact design that doesn’t clutter your workspace.

Sun gold MIG 150A comes with all the accessories for a smooth start. These include; welding torch with 98.4″ cable, Earth clamp, 0.5 kg flux-cored welding wire spool, Face mask, wire brush, hammer, contact tips, and user manual to educate you on operating instructions.


  • Lightweight and portable for use outdoors
  • Budget-friendly option that will give you value for money
  • Low input power thus energy efficient
  • Gasless MIG welder
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design for easy storage


  • Cannot be used for medium to heavy-duty jobs

5. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG Welder-best MIG welder 110v

Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG Welder-best MIG welder 110v

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly MIG Welder, we highly recommend the Super deal MIG 130A. First of all, it’s made of High-class PVC material with a comfortable grip to enable you to carry it around where the job is.

On the other hand, being the best MIG welder 110v, it’s compact and powerful to tackle small and field jobs. Further, it can produce high-precision welds.

You’ll like the fact that it’s affordable and doesn’t strain your budget. Moreover, it features a user-friendly interface and setup, which makes this welder simple and easy to operate. You don’t need any training since the operation is clear from the owner’s manual.

Super Deal MIG 130A connects to 110V input with 130 A output. Hence, it’s efficient and suitable for tackling big jobs too. It has speed controls to enable you to choose conveniently depending on the thickness of metal.

This machine also features a wire feed with ten levels of wire feeding speed available for you to choose from.

When not in use or when you want to pause a job, you can switch it off from the on/off safety control button. With the use of Flux core wire and self-release metal inert gas, the process of welding without oxidization of the welded part is made possible, thus producing neat and even weld pools.

Super deal Pro Commercial MIG 130 has a digital soft key control panel that is intuitive and providing a clear overview of the useful information.

This machine copper metal tip fitted at the end of the gun ensures the weld pool is evenly distributed and prevents slags from building up. The tips are replaceable with the spare tips packed with the machine.

Super deal Pro commercial MIF 130 comes packed with all accessories. These include; welding spool wire, welding face mask, chipping hammer/wire brush, 2.5 m Torch, two extra tips, and a ground cord.

Lastly, this welder has a thermal overload protector and a cooling fan to check to overheat and protecting it from damages.


  • Good quality for durability
  • Convenient use
  • Compact design and portable
  • Versatile use
  • Easy to use
  • High-end safety features


  • It’s not suitable for industrial use

Best 220v MIG Welder

6. 2020 Weldpro 200 Amp Multi-Process Welder

2020 Weldpro 200 Amp Multi-Process Welder

For you to perfect in welding, you may require a versatile MIG welding machine or a multi-process one which can handle flux core and also TIG. Certainly, your options will narrow down to the best 220v MIG welder.

Such a machine may also be suitable if you’re being tested, and the examiner would wish if you can operate different models of welding machines.

Rather than having many welding machines, you can choose the Weld Pro 250, which is a multi-process welder. It can meet all your welding needs.

With this machine, you’ll be able to perform three types of welding processes, which is a preference for many professional welders.

Aimed for performing bulky projects, Weld Pro is a dual voltage machine with an input of 110V/220V capable of thick welding pieces of metal.

Therefore it’s perfect for handling a wide range of welding processes.

The machine can handle MIG and flux core welding, including aluminum and stick welding. To widen your welding processes, you may consider adding a spool gun for that purpose.

Weld Pro 200 Amp is user-friendly, and even a beginner will not have difficulty operating it. The controls are intuitive to allow you to switch processes with ease.

The machine’s performance is excellent and is commensurate with the budget. It is reliable and most versatile and an investment worth of venturing. You’ll use it at home and commercially too.

The duty cycle of 30% at 200 Amp is quite convenient, as this gives you more time to weld as the welder overheats. Also, it halts to allow cooling.

Lastly, the dual digital display is clearly visible to allow you to set the amperage and wire speed as you so wish. Also, it alerts you when the temperatures are too high, and when the machine is overloaded and requires some adjustments.


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Sturdy and durable to last many days
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Affordable price
  • Ready to use
  • Dual voltage


  • Extra cost for spool gun this isn’t packed with the machine

7. Viper Mig 180amp Welder

Viper Mig 180amp Welder

Choosing a welder with wider functionalities is worth a good investment. However, as a beginner, it gets trickier when you’re limited in terms of resources. Getting the best welding machine will quickly upgrade your skills to professional status.

Due to this, we highly recommend the Viper MIG machine, which is a budget-friendly machine that will give you value for money.

First off, this machine has an added Arc function, which is different when you compare to other welders within the same range. Typically, this uses a welding power supply to create an electric arc and produce clean weld works.

Another thing to note is that the MIG function allows you to weld using both gas shielded and gasless wire applications. Therefore this makes it a versatile machine for working on different types of metals.

Additionally, this welder is safe to use since it can control gas flow for protection of the welding zone from the atmosphere.

The machine has a 60% duty cycle, and consequently, this means it can run continuously for a long time without interfering with your welding process.

Another feature of this MIG welder is the portable design and a weight of only 28 pounds. Therefore, this makes it suitable for use in outdoor environments.

This welding machine uses dual sensing technology at 115V or 230V. Thus, you can plug it directly to a power source or through the adapter cord included with the welder.

Last but important, its MIG gun and cast Aluminum feed assemblies are strong and durable. Besides, they come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Comes in a portable design
  • Dual voltage
  • Has both MIG and Arc functions
  • Its heavy-duty, durable and will last many days
  • It’s lightweight and portable hence suitable for outdoor projects
  • Has a compact design for secure storage


  • This welder costs more when you compare to other small to medium machines.

8. SUNGOLD POWER 200Amp Dual Voltage Welding MachineBest portable Mig welder

SUNGOLD POWER 200Amp Dual Voltage Welding Machine

A multifunctional welder is every welder’s dreamer as it allows you to choose a convenient welding process. Discover the Sun gold Power 200 Amp, which is a versatile dual voltage welding machine for MIG, MMA, MAG and ARC welding.

Due to its versatility, you can use it to weld using both gas shielded and also gasless applications. It uses 0.6 – 1.0 mm flux-cored wire and solid core wire.

Due to its versatility, it can accommodate one and five kilograms of wire spool. With a spool gun, it can weld aluminum. Moreover, it’s fitted with a switch for both the spool gun and MIG gun. Therefore, this ensures an easy change of the guns.

This model from Sun gold also features an easy-to-adjust wire-feed speed. The welding current is also adjustable. Therefore, this makes it flexible to suit different applications and different metal thicknesses. In addition, it’s sturdy and can be applied in welding all types of metal, whether new or rusty. With this machine, you can use it for different types of field jobs.

The Sun Gold adopts 1GBT technology and has a fan and overheats the protector. The ARC is stable, easy to start and has minimal splatter. Thus, it can run continuously on large projects.

You’ll get more value since the package includes an MIG torch, cable, earth clamp, mask electrode holder, and brush. There’s also flux-cored, nozzles and drive roll.

Lastly, it also has a 12 months warranty, and this gives you value confidence when shopping.


  • High performance
  • Good quality weld that will give you value
  • Easy to operate for a beginner
  • Durable to last long
  • Multi-functional for various uses
  • Dual voltage


  • It’s heavy duty and not easy to carry around.

9. HITBOX 200Amp Inverter MIG WelderUser-friendly

HITBOX 200Amp Inverter MIG Welder

If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to buy a large machine at a high price, that is why we recommend the HITBOX MIG Welder. This machine comes at an incredibly low price, yet it performs exemplary.

The HITBOX is easy to learn, and for a beginner, you’ll find the instructions easier to master. This MIG welder is suitable for larger jobs, including long pass welds. The cost of running is low, and hence it’s a budget solution for someone starting or one with a small workshop.

This machine is versatile and hence effective with thicker metals. Being a four-in-one, it features MIG/ARC/LIFT TIG welders and is a 220V DC Inverter welder.

Despite all these functions, it’s small in size, simple and lightweight for easy carrying.

There’s no debate about performance since it can produce high-quality welds. Therefore, this eliminates the possibility of flawed welds. Welds come out clean and hence require less cleanup.

The MIG function allows you to choose either gas or gasless functions. You can also select solid wire or flux core wire when doing MIG welding. It’s also suitable for stainless steel and iron welding.

As for capacity, the machine can support between 5kg to 15 kg roll of welding wire and allows a maximum welding rod diameter up to 4.0 mm.

With this machine, you can achieve a 100% duty cycle when using 0.8mm wire. The Hitbox MIG 200 is suitable for field jobs as you can use a power generator where there’s no direct power source. For beginners, it can be a fruitful investment.


  • Compact design that saves on space
  • Lightweight and portable, hence you can use it outdoors
  • Strong and durable
  • A versatile machine for a variety of operations
  • Highly effective with unmatched performance


  • It’s not clear if it has a warranty

10. Reboot MIG150 Stick Dual Voltage Welding Machine

Reboot MIG150 Stick Dual Voltage Welding Mach

A highly versatile welding machine is hard to come by, especially at a lower budget. If you’re looking for such a machine, you may need to dig deeper into your pocket. Consequently, the machine might be enormously large to strain your storage space.

Reboot MIG 150 Welder is a dual voltage machine which adopts IGBT module technology. It uses 1kg flux core wire and is ideal for welding steel without gas.

This machine is stable and easy to use. Therefore this makes it suitable for beginners. The impressive part is that the instructions are straightforward. It’ll only take little time to get used to the machine.

This machine has a high-performance rating and is of high quality. Due to its efficiency, its capable of producing quality welds that don’t require slag after welding.

For its construction, it’s made of aluminum, copper, iron, and plastic material, which are durable.

Rebook MIG 150 weighs only 22.7 lbs making it suitable for fieldwork and other outdoor jobs. Also, it’s a compact-sized machine, and this solves the problem of storage. Furthermore, it doesn’t clutter your workplace in the workshop.

It features automatic power cut-off protector to prevent overheating, a digital display, and a high-speed cooling fan for fast heat reduction.

The machine is affordable and suitable for low carbon steel, low alloy, and large steel structure engineering works. It can also be used to weld thin and medium sheets of metal.

Accessories packed with the machine include a ground clamp, free face mask, welding rod holder, brush, and user’s manual.


  • Portable design that enables one to work outdoors
  • Made from high-quality construction
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Compact design that enables more accessible storage
  • Dual voltage
  • The versatility that guarantees value for money


  • No indication of a warranty.

Factors to consider when buying the best affordable MIG Welder

Before you pick a MIG welder, you must consider a few factors with your main goal being to do to the most satisfactorily welding.

Simple controls

When buying a budget welder, it’s vital to consider the controls for smoother operation. An instruction manual helps in mastering the operation. Ensure the controls are intuitive to enable you to switch processes with ease.

Dial adjustment

Your selected welding machine should have adjustable settings to help you choose the best speed and timings.

Power Specifications

A low voltage welder would be ideal for home use, depending on the volume of work to be undertaken. 110V – 120V is sufficient. Consider one with a three-pin plug outlet of 20 or 30 amp fuse to connect well to the socket.

If the welder is for industrial welding, you require a welder with high voltage, which can handle bulky work.

Buying a dual voltage welder is an added advantage as you can use it at home with an ordinary socket connection and still use it for bulky industrial jobs.

Duty cycle

MIG welders come with different amperages and generations. The intensity of heat depends on the machine’s amperage. Some metals require a lot of heat to melt and others less. Also, the duty cycle varies in different types of machines.

Thin metals take less time, while thick ones will take a longer time. If you choose a machine with low amperage for thick metal, chances of overheating the machine and underperformance can’t be ruled out.

It would require a welder with a longer duty cycle and a heavy-duty gun to do continuous welding without interruptions.

Wire Feed Speed

Consider a welding machine that provides a consistent wire speed. This helps you to set the weld, maintain accuracy, and speed.


Portability goes hand in hand with the weight of welding machine. A lighter welder is portable and will be suitable for outdoor or field projects.

Overload Protection

MIG welder generates a lot of heat during welding. A good welding machine should have an overheat protector and fan preferably automatic, which halts the machine at the end of every duty cycle or when it detects overheating to allow cooling and restart again when the process is over.


A good welder is one that can adapt to different functions. For instance, a welder that can use gas or gasless has an upper advantage or one which has MIG ARC LIFT TIG functions

A welder who can use flux core wire and solid wire is considered to be versatile as it has many functions it can perform as one unit. It’ll save you money in a multiplicity of welding machines for doing different functions and also save storage space.

Monitor the Wire Size Each Welder Supports

MIG Welder can use solid wire or flux-cored wire. A flux-cored wire yields optimized performance, unlike the solid wire, and cost more.

These wires are of different sizes and in the form of a roll. The size of wire matters as far as the quality of the welding pool is concerned. Thicker wire is better for all types of metals regardless of thickness.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best welder for a beginner?

The best welder for beginners is one that is easy to operate. A complicated machine may fail you and affect productivity. You should also consider spending less until you gain experience to buy a more sophisticated machine.

What can you weld with Metal Inert Gas?

Metal Inert Gas can weld all conductive metals ferrous and non-ferrous. Aluminum, copper, or nickel alloys are non-ferrous metals, while carbon steel and iron are ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals are lighter, high conductive, non-magnetic, and are resistant to corrosion, while nonferrous is just the opposite of ferrous.

What is a MIG flux core welder?

A MIG welder or Metal Inert Gas welding uses electricity to melt and join pieces of metal. The metal to be melted can either be a solid wire or a flux-cored wire.

The wire is installed into a machine to feed through the gun and into the weld pool when heated. The flux core wire yields high performance, which is not possible with solid wire.

The only difference between a MIG welder and flux core welder is the process of shielding the electrode from the air. Flux core is often applicable in a windy outdoor environment that would necessarily blow the shielding gas. It’s superior and penetrates better than the shielded wire.

How many amps does a welder draw?

A good welder is the one that is capable of controlling the amperage in tandem with the intensity of heat that is required in the welding process.

Amperage varies from one machine to the other. The larger the amperage, the more power output it generates.

A welder with low amperage will only allow you to do simple welding or minor jobs. Choosing a welder with higher amperage will do bulky work without overheating and much interruption.

What size breaker do I need for 220V welder?

The size of a circuit breaker is determined by the amount of current the device needs. The wire that allows a circuit must accommodate specific current allowable by the circuit breaker. A 220 V welder needs at least 30 – 40 amp circuit breaker.

Can I use flux core wire in MIG welder?

Yes, you can use flux core wire in a MIG welder, especially when doing vertical up welding, flat welding, or welding galvanized sheets or welding metals. These are hard to weld, and although flux core wire is expensive, it’s of superior quality. It yields optimized performance in all welding jobs.

How do I put gas on MIG welder?

You’ll need to put the welding gas in a cylinder, which is refillable after exhaustion. This cylinder is sold separately from the welding machine. It’s vital to be specific on the type of gas you use before asking for a refill.

Benefit of Buying the Product

An MIG welder is a widely used device by most fabricators. This is because the machine is easy to learn, faster and suitable for larger jobs and its capacity to weld long pass welds. Similarly, it’s effective with thicker metals and runs with fewer costs.

Due to its continuous nature, MIG welder reduces the possibility of flawed welds and is most accurate and appropriate for longer production runs.

The welds come out clean with less post-cleaning requirements. This machine is also suitable for learners as it does not get damaged easily.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful, and now you can shop for the best budget MIG welder with confidence.

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