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Top 10 Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kits (2021 & Amazing guide)

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Would you waste your time while sculpting your masterpiece and notice that your torch isn’t working in the right way or even worse?

The time is long gone when I, you, and the rest of the people used to work with the traditional torches. Its’s time to adopt the best oxy acetylene torch kit and fasten up your torching.

An Oxy-Acetylene torch kit is a must-have tool nowadays. Whether you are cutting something, brazing, soldering, or welding, it can be the solution you’ve been looking for in your workstation. The kit serves multipurpose – it doesn’t bother if it’s your old or new project.

I know buying a new kit can cause you an expensive fortune and stress as well to pick the suitable torch kit. Well, say farewell to your worries because I have got the top 10 oxy acetylene torch kit for you, well researched and suited. 

Ride on; the journey is for you only!

Best Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

Accuracy is the one thing that every welder howls for. But without being appropriately trained with the torching, it might be hazardous and miss out on the accuracy in work results. Anyways, check out my top picks to bring precision to your work.

Image Product Details   Price
Hobart-770502-Medium-Duty-Oxy 1. Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit Cuts: 1/2″
Max cut: 6″
Welds: 3/32″
Max Weld: 1 1/4″
Check Price
Zen-Style-Oxy-Acetylene-Torch-kit 2. Zen Style Oxy-Acetylene Torch kit Cuts: 1/2″
Max cut: 6″
Welds: 1/2″
Max Weld: 3/16″
Check Price
Miller-Electric-Oxy-Acetylene-Torch-Kit 3. Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit Cuts: 5/8″
Max cut: 6″
Welds: 1/8″
Max Weld: 3/8″
Check Price
ESAB-Victor-Technologies-0384-2691-Oxy-Acetylene-Torch-kit 4. ESAB Victor Technologies 0384-2691 Oxy Acetylene Torch kit Cuts: 3/8″
Max cut: 8″
Welds: 3″
Max Weld: 3/8″
Check Price
Victor-Oxy-Acetylene-Premium-Welding-Cutting-Torch-Kit 5. Victor Oxy Acetylene Premium Welding Cutting Torch Kit Cuts: 2 x 15 x
Welds: 5 inches
Item Weight: 16 pounds
Check Price

1. Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy– Acetylene Kit Our top Pick

Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy

Before all else, here I present to you my top pick – Oxy-Acetylene kit from Hobart, a brand of trust and faith in the welding industry. A mid-budget level player with ultra-packed versatility, which cuts the cut and welds the weld. This is what every professional worker wants.

This torch unit hoards a medium-duty outfit with expensive features. Features like versatility are the mainstream of this item. It can perform a multitude of projects like light fabrication, welding, plasma cutting, refrigeration, ranch, farm, repairs, and so on.

Besides, I was amazed by this device that it can cut deeper than 6 inches, and welds more than 1/2 inches with desired tips and settings. The plasma cutter is the plus point of this Hobart 770502. It can weld anything that lies in front of it.

When using a torch kit, gas fuels are one of the fundamental things you are to stick with. In this unit, you have chances to use the outfit with a CGA 540 oxygen regulator and CGA 510 acetylene fuel gas. Not just that, you can operate propane gas as well just by adding propane tips. Great, right?

That being said, the gauges are also a vital factor to check out precision. They are clearly pointed so that anyone can notice the marks with naked eyes.

Moreover, above all, build quality is what we hunt the most. Here the build quality is layered with top-notch brass for durability and quality fittings to ensure no leakage happens. More safety measures are added with check valves.

Well, while buying a product, a newbie or even a professional look for a user manual in order to make the best use of it. And guess what? This kit includes a visualized instruction manual for everyone.

A note to mention that you might face a bit of an issue with clogging as the kit features a smaller cutting tip. But with the correct maintenance, you can work it out, and enjoy a hassle-free torching, believe me.


  • proper instruction manual included
  • Compatible with propane gas
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • High-end versatility
  • Prolonged durability


  • Features a tiny cutting tip

2. Zen Style Oxy-Acetylene Torch kit– best portable oxy acetylene torch kit

Zen Style Oxy-Acetylene Torch kit

When you want to haste on your welding job and call it a night, you wouldn’t be looking for a traditional or slow torching kit. That’s why I’m presenting you a torch kit from the brand Zen Style to complete your work hastily.

This device stands out in the crowd with its developed build quality and heavy-duty performance. With durable construction, any amateur or professional metal worker can lead their welding work to a successful finish. So, it doesn’t matter what your project is; this welding kit will give it a real finish.

Talking about accessories, the regulators are well improved with dual connectors; CGA 540 for oxygen cylinders to connect with the oxygen tank and CGA 510 for acetylene cylinders.

To keep track of the regulators, you will need readable gauges. And the kit offers you the right solution with 2 inch legible and readable gauges in both regulators.

With these regulators’ help, this tool can braze and weld up to 2 inches and cut more than 6 inches. To ensure a precision kit, the package has additional tips for you if you might need to change a tip

Above all, during the working period, a well-built handle is the first priority in work. Made with brass, the handle adjusts a secure and smooth grip on your handle for precise results.

Sometimes your job will need a pair of extra hands to complete the job because you need welding at another distance. With this brazing kit, you get two hoses in the package so that you don’t bring the hassle of moving your torch kits.

Anyways, versatility is what impacts our work. Well, this item gets rid of all problems with its multi functionalities. Whether you need to work on welding, brazing, soldering, rivet cutting, metal heating, or anything else, you have it right there with this kit.


  • Additional hoses to work out the distance
  • Multi functionalities
  • Storage case to keep all things in one place
  • Added eye safety
  • Professional grade handle


  • Some feel the hoses are shorter

3. Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit– oxy-acetylene welding equipment

Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

The one that is in my store right now, Miller Electric Torch Kit. Well, why do I have it? Because I love it for one foremost reason is the durability; compared to none, and that’s what matters the most in the welding industry.

With durability, this kit performs heavy-duty stringings though the manufacturer calls it a medium performer. But trust me, it’s a heavy-duty performer in a tiny size. When you bring it to cut through any metals or other stuff, that’ll be done with a blink of your eye.

More so, whether you are onto heating, welding, brazing, or soldering, this Miller Electric kit contains multiple tips to solve all your problems. That’s a sweet deal, right?

Apart from multiple tips, the package bundles other accessories, such as torch handle, goggles for eye safety, oxygen and pressure regulators, and cutting attachments.

What you need to after receiving the package is just bring your gas tanks and start working at once. But I must say you are concerned about safety. Well, don’t stress out.

Both inside and outside of this kit works uniformly to maintain a balanced safety, and give you the utmost comfort to enjoy your work without a hassle. You can finish your project in the allotted time, and stay safe during the whole working session.

One drawback to inform you is that this torch lacks a suitable instruction manual. But don’t worry, even without an instruction manual, you can work with this torch and start burning like a pro. Besides, the striker looks cheaper as well, but you got to operate it with ease and comfort. Give it a chance; you’ll not regret it.


  • Features two regulators
  • Incorporates multiple usages
  • Comfortable grip
  • Worthy accessories for your money
  • Offers heavy-duty working capability


  • Instruction manual could be better
  • Striker looks flimsy

If you are the person who prefers a heavy-duty cutting system, well then, the Victor 0384-2691 is the right option for you. The brand Victor dominates the torch industry with wide variations of torch kits; in that case, you can trust them blindly and go for the product.

By the way, this torch kit doesn’t stop at heavy-duty cutting. Rather, it can also perform a medium-cutting system. The harness cutting power of this unit is more than 8 inches. Not to mention, you can complete thicker metal projects.

Metal projects like more than 3 inches with various welding tips can be done comfortably. You can attach the tip to the welding nozzle and set your working position right away.

Regardless of the additional tips, the package offers you many more accessories like welding nozzles, striker, WH411C torch handle, check valves, cutting attachment, G350 series regulators, goggles, hose, etc.

Talking about the handle, it comes ergonomically built to enhance your working comfort level and relieve you from hand aches. You can complete your job smoothly, even if it takes a while.

Also, the handle ensures better control of the torch by its flat side to reduce slippery facts, which I give my importance the most. Without a sturdy grip, you may face a hazardous situation and even burn your skin accidentally.

For your concern, this torch kit is on the best oxy acetylene torch kit list because of its usage in both the non-industrial and industrial fields, and the affordable budget but not the cheapest.

A token of reminder — this device neither feature left-hand male fitting nor fits acetylene gauge properly. So be prepared for it before you buy it.


  • Included regulators
  • Medium and heavy-duty cutting methods
  • Super controllable handle
  • Applicable on multiple projects
  • Packs protective goggles


  • Limitation in cutting depth
  • Doesn’t feature a left-hand male fitting

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Victor Oxy Acetylene Premium Welding Cutting Torch Kit

Looking for a fancy cutting torch that will make your lightweight jobs spick and span? Well, if that so, I have got the right one to show you, Victory Oxy Acetylene Cutting Torch. A miracle in light-duty metal cutting is surely a miracle if you ask me because every torch won’t give you a similar spark.

After having this one, you will notice a major difference between your old working system and new working system. This one can handle both oxygen and acetylene gas tanks at a time.

For connecting gas tanks to regulators, people always prefer male connectors at the end because of the fast and safe connection. Hypothetically, this torch set comes with male connectors on both regulators. You can do serene work while using those gifts.

The moment you start using this kit, you will be hooked on its smooth sailing. For problems like cutting metal plate, iron channel plate, welding, this will do nothing but an outstanding miracle. It can go in-depth with more than 1/2 inches of metal or steel.

Due to tiny ends and tight places, sometimes working becomes like a dead duck. But with this one, you have the project covered. Dual hoses of around 15ft reach those tight and hard-reaching ends flawlessly.

Besides, this kit is superbly compatible with Victor tips and additional cutting and brazing tips. These tips will work out your multiple struggling jobs.

Even with those pure advantages, a few times, torching doesn’t go as it seemed to be. If it happens with this torch, you can install new O-rings and flame arresters to back in work like a horse.

Anyway, I’m not happy with the goggles this set has. They are not the best in my view. The goggles will resist the heating and sparking rays but give you a darker shade too. So, how’d that go for you? Give it a chance if you are after light torching tasks.


  • Pretty neat and lightweight
  • No flame burst issues or leakage
  • Compatible with additional tips
  • Very ideal for light-duty jobs
  • Higher portability storage


  • Goggles feature plastic glass instead of a lens

6. XtremePowerUS Premium Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit– best oxygen acetylene torch kit

XtremePowerUS Premium Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

If you are an amateur or seasoned professional, I’d recommend you to buy this XtermePowerUS Torch Kit because it’s a perfect choice to begin your journey at welding. Also, many of my friends are currently using this because of its affordable budget.

In my opinion, this torch kit is a big boy, apparently, a beast that you could rely on because of its build quality. With a combination of brass, metal, and steel, this torch affords to cut more than 6 inches and braze or weld up to ½ inches with the right tip.

Considering its affordability, this kit will surely offer you precision results whether you are soldering, metal heating, brazing, hard facing, rivet cutting, and welding. Fascinatingly, it carries multiple types of hoses, nozzles, fittings, and tips to complete every purpose you are on to in your workplace.

Moreover, this unit can be planted with a wide range of gas and oxygen fuel to make your work truly effortless.

Sometimes you might need to replace or carry your torch somewhere else to finish various jobs. That’s where this torch creates a margin and step forward with its fantastic portable feature.

Needless to say, welding and cutting projects ask for greater durability and strength to finish the job accurately. Living with a tool that can harness both durability and power, it’s like a pure blessing.

Regarding that, this torch kit lives up with deluxe single-stage regulators that are integrated with check valves in reverse flow and brass valves for excellent cutting. It doesn’t end here. The handle is made of brass as well to give you a convenient grip over the torch.

However, you get multiple ingredients in a single package including, CGA 540 oxygen and acetylene regulators, three different welding nozzles (No 0, No 2, No 4), 15 inches welding hose, carrying case, tip cleaner, and more.

What else do you need in this budget? It’s a good trade.


  • A carrying case to port anywhere
  • Additional hose pipe to reach the unreachable
  • CGA 540 certified regulators for constant flow
  • Higher-strength and durability
  • Brass plated handle


  • Doesn’t perform heavy-duty tasks well
  • Hose can be small for some individuals

7. Stark Professional Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit– best acetylene torch

Stark Professional Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

I always prefer buying items that are made of high-quality materials and offer me a long-time service. This torch kit from Stark Professional promises to deliver just that along with other benefits.

The build materials are sturdy enough that won’t let you down. Also, for maintenance, the tool doesn’t require much effort from your end.

Whether you are an expert or beginner, you can go with the Stark Torch kit. It can perform general repairing jobs, metal sculpture, maintenance work, etc. with great results.

Its gaseous and oxygen fuels are equipped to play multiple games, including welding, portable welding jobs, rivet cutting, brazing, surface hardening, metal heating, and soldering process. So, feel free to use it for any kind of work you need.

If you look at the design, the marks and inches are pretty readable on the body. This tool set features a legible and readable dual scale of 2 inches gauges. Even with bare eyes, you can read the scale easily.

Besides, the handle is another go-to thing you should look at in this torch kit. Made with brass material, this handle comes in a large shape for a better and smoother grip; in this way, you can perfectly handle your work and finish it like you never sat for it.

Sometimes you may need to go deeper in your work or bring your torch from one place to another in your workspace. For that, you get a 15ft hose to reach deeper in your project and cut or weld wherever you need it.

For peace of your mind, the torching kit packs a carrying case to pack itself along with other extra tools—this carrying case engineers unique positions and grooves for each tool to sit on the box. Plus, it provides a handle to get carried away.

Anyway, what you get in the package matters exquisitely at the end of the day because you can’t keep visiting the store for everything, here you get an oxygen and acetylene regulator, cutting nozzle, cutting attachment, rubber hose, welding tubes, lighter, and so on.


  • Included goggles for eye safety
  • Higher build material
  • Readable scales
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Carrying case for packing the tools


  • Body looks cheaper, but it isn’t a matter to bother

8. ZENY NEW Original Oxy Acetylene Kit–Cheap oxy acetylene torch kit

ZENY NEW Original Oxy Acetylene Kit

Do you remember the ZENY Torch Kit? Not to get confused, this one is an upgrade from the earlier one to fill your whole cup of welding necessities. Yeap, that’s right.

If you are a beginner or someone who is short in budget, this can be the kit that you should go with. This set includes almost everything a welder can ask for.

Call it brazing, soldering, heating, cutting, welding, or even hand facing – this piece can do it all. By any means, it will complete your job, but the job has to be simple and easy. Got any bet?

However, if you need to kick start your project or just want to replace the old set, you can check a loot at this gas welding kit set. Every tool in this kit set has got a purpose to show you, whether it is a cutting tip, cutting attachment, nozzle, check valves, or even regulators.

As this kit comes with various accessories, you get a lot more cutting variations. It can cut up to 6 inches, and the weld or braze range is up to 1/2 inches with the right tip. But, make sure to stay calm during the working hours to get the right results.

Alongside the tips, you will have high-capacity Acetylene and oxygen regulators with a 2.5-inch diameter so that you don’t fall short of any accessories while working.

Well, I’d bet you would be looking for a storage case to keep all these accessories organized. Settle down! This unit has an ABS storage bag as well to fulfill your portable purpose.

For maximum performance, the build quality plays the real game. To ensure full-house durability, it is made of brass and stainless to offer you great durability and performance.

Nevertheless, I call this kit is a lovely trade for the money you spend because the offer seems quite impressive for its price.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Super durable materials
  • Lightweight build quality
  • Portable design
  • Multiple working capability


  • Doesn’t fit for industrial use

9. Ameriflame TI350T Medium/Heavy Duty Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit– Best HVAC Brazing Torch Oxy Acetylene Kit

Ameriflame TI350T MediumHeavy Duty Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

Here I’m about to show you another dual performer for medium and heavy-duty tasks, and that’s my none other than favorite Ameriflame Torch kit. But why?

To a great degree, you can count on this torch set for those working with an HVAC system as it is the best oxy acetylene torch kit for HVAC. I believe you know how crucial it is to work with it. Without the right tool for this job, you can just burn out a whole system.

Anyway, though this unit serves both medium and heavy-duty pieces of construction, it tends to perform small tasks satisfactorily. So, don’t panic about your lighter projects.

With that being said, this device carries small tanks like mc acetylene and oxygen tank to carry out your whole project seamlessly.

But, don’t have high hopes, as these tanks don’t hold enough gas so that they can support you for extended use. They can hold only 10cf of Acetylene and 20cf of oxygen, which is enough for small-time jobs and remote areas.

Now, you also don’t need to be heartbroken because it has got standard connectors that allow you to connect the torch with larger tanks. So, if you need more gas support, just hook up the torch with a larger tank that is available around you.

Let’s leave that. As question raises about what to do when you need to shift your place in a room? Well, no biggie; the 12.5-inch twin hose pack will save your effort. This hose is durable enough to stand the dragging bit around your working area.

Regarding safety, this set also comes with safety goggles. The goggles don’t really offer a clear field of vision, and it’s quite on the bulkier side. You might not wear it for more than a minute or so.

Now you are probably wondering about the working capacity of this kit. Well, to answer that, it can slice more than 5 inches and weld more than 125 inches with each supplied tip. The 125 inches cut-up is kind of a great record to me. Don’t you feel?

Lastly, in the packaging, you will get to observe Flint Lighter, B Connection, 1.5” Oxygen and Acetylene Regulator, Type 13 2 welds/Braze Tip, 3-101A 0 Cutting Tip, CA350 Cutting Attachment, Rear Valve Torch handle, and whatnot.

In the set, this unit features a plastic carrying stand so that you can leave all the stressful parts in a place and carry them to places if needed.


  • Additional tips included
  • Ideal for both medium and heavy-duty works
  • Multiple accessories inside the package
  • Goggles for extra safety
  • Higher grade durability


  • Functions as a light-duty touch
  • Regulators will feel larger when you put them in small cylinders

10. Thoroughbred Gaspony1 Oxy Acetylene Kit– best oxy acetylene torch kit for hvac

Thoroughbred Gaspony1 Oxy Acetylene Kit

Last on my list for you. I have endorsed you multiple lights, heavy-duty, medium, and heavy-duty torch kits. But now, it’s time for a single medium-duty torch kit to rule the list. I present you the Thoroughbred Gaspony1, a true champ for medium-duty tasks.

First off, the most exciting fact that let this tool stand up high in the crowd is its portability and safety features. Talking about safety, this unit upholds shade 5 certified goggles bouncing you an extra layer of protection while torching, which is an alternative to none.

Moreover, the portability feature is not something that you should miss out on. It’s the must-buy reason for this kit. With this portable tote, you have to do one thing – just get it and get going. You can breathe a sigh of relief from your restless work.

What more? Well, the welding scenario includes an oxygen cylinder of 20cf and an acetylene cylinder of 10cf, torch outfit, scale gauges, and so on. These goods are all on an affordable budget, for which I would rename this torch kit as the best oxy acetylene torch kit on the market.

Anyway, while porting from one place to another, carrying the baggage is our foremost concern. But this kit frees you from this stress with its fast access storage in the back. You can store glasses, torches, and strikers and other different tools when you are not using them.

Before I forget, I must tell you that this is a victor style torch. Pretty cool, right? Anyway, you can dive deeper or far place to reach higher ends with the 12-1/2 inch hose. It can be stretched to the limits.

One more thing to say is that this torch unit can wield light steel more than 5/16 inches and cut more than 1/2 inches. So, still, scratching? Well, no more, and go to the store right away.


  • Set of multiple tools
  • Lightweight tools
  • Portable tote with accessible storage
  • Readable gauge
  • Perfect for medium-duty works


  • Hefty price tag

What to Look for Before You Buy?

An oxy-acetylene torch can be durable and feature robust construction when used as a workshop tool. You will notice the torches varying from one thing to another regarding longevity and quality, but they get your job done the way it is meant to do.

Anyway, now I’d like to narrate what things to be aware of when you buy the best oxy acetylene torch kit; this article is exactly written for that purpose.


Everyone wants durable equipment like that is a mandatory factor, and an oxy-acetylene torch kit is no exception. There are low, mid, and even heavy-duty welding and cutting torches. The torches come in-built with stainless steel, brass, and metal frames too.

Torches made of brass and stainless steel manage to survive longer than any other traditional or high-end torch units.

You will have to choose what fulfills your requirements. The number of years the products can give a warranty indicates that product’s durability.


Hand fatigues, pains, and aches are quite unbearable when you need to work for a while. In this result, you must look for a torch kit with an ergonomic handle to relieve aches and other coldness.

An ergonomic handle that is comfortable and non-slippery and it will give you the maximum reliability and comfort in your work, literally your working happiness. That is the best choice for the torches.

Type of Use

Some oxy-acetylene torches work a few specific works, whereas other torches are versatile. Your job preferences will tell you what kind of oxy-acetylene torch kit you need. Always remember that not every kind of torches is ideal. For instance, if you want a torch with a heating tip, get the one that packs it.

Welding and Cutting Capacity

Before you buy a torch kit, you must know first if it serves you both welding and cutting functionalities. When you purchase a torch for cutting, make sure you know how much metal thickness it can cut. On the other hand, the welding capacity reveals the maximum portion of weld you are able to make.

Well, at least 1/2 inch of welding capacity is considered good, and 4 inches thick in case of cutting torch.

Nonetheless, the larger amount the torch can weld and cut, the more versatility the torch can show.

Size of Torch Kit

A portable and compact torch is the best type of torch. You might work outdoor, and for that, you will need to take the torch wherever you go. That is why you need to choose a lightweight torch that can make your work easy, and you can carry it around.


When you buy a torch kit, you will get some accessories and components with the oxy-acetylene kit. It is vital for determining if you can start working immediately after getting the equipment or not. For instance, Hobart 770502 has all the accessories you need.

Also, the top-rated torches offer welding goggles to protect your eye from heating and other harmful things. You can also get acetylene and oxygen regulators as well as gauges.

There are other unavoidable pieces of equipment like brass joints, tip cleaner, torch tip attachments, storage case, and tip cleaner.

Additional Equipment

It is crucial to check on the item accessories, especially in the matter of oxy-acetylene torches. The torch will need many tips and nozzles for working in multiple conditions.

For different thicknesses and various materials, you will need extra tips and nozzle on your oxy-acetylene torches. Keeping that in mind, you need a torch with additional properties regarding tips and nozzles to get better cutting and welding work experience.


You may have heard that you get what you pay, but it is not like you can not get good equipment for an affordable price.

Just go for the torch that can add value and give you a long time with minor repair and maintenance. What I am trying to say is that buy within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I turn on oxygen or Acetylene first?

I would say that close the oxygen first when you turn off the oxy-fuel torch—especially when using Acetylene for fuel. For operating safely, this is a significant part that Harris recommends.

Do I use more oxygen or Acetylene?

In oxygen, for maximum output of lame temperature, the ratio should be 1 for oxygen to fuel gas, whereas acetylene ratio should be 2 to 1; and for propane, it likely to stand around 4.3 to 1.

In short, there needs to be more oxygen for propane. Even though propane is less expensive than Acetylene, the higher oxygen consumption counteracts it.

Why does my torch keep popping?

Your oxy-acetylene torch might be popping out for a reason – it could be because of the gas flow problem. Typically, it causes an issue in flow settings or blockage or a leak.

How dangerous is Acetylene?

Acetylene can be quite hazardous considering its increased instability, unique storage, and tremendous flammability – also, transportation requirements. Again acetylene can be quite unstable. The temperatures or high pressure can cause decomposition, which can cause fire or explosion.

Can I Use Propane instead of an Oxy-Acetylene Torch?

No, you can not use propane to replace oxygen. Because propane does not have a reducing zone, that calls for no use as gas welding and remarkably impossible. 

What is the Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit?

The Miller Electric Torch Kit is the best one, in my opinion. I don’t find another good fight around it because of its compatibility, functionality, usage, clear-cut results, and finally, the affordable price.


If you want to buy a torch for brazing, soldering, welding, or cutting, the oxy-acetylene torch is the best choice. This article was meant to show you which model proves to be the best oxy acetylene torch kit for you.

The versatile Hobart 770502 is what I would recommend from the list of products as it comes with a complete kit. It hoards higher versatility, and not to mention higher grade fittings as well.

But, if you ask me which one you should consider that would worth your money? Then, Miller Electric MB55A-510 is the best choice regarding affordability.

Happy welding and cutting!

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