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10 Best Cutting Torch for the money for 2021 & Review

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Are cutting torches worth your pennies? The answer is clearly – NO.

Neither every expensive tool are the best, nor the cheap are the worst. Now, whether you face some oxidized steel plates or lag bolts or any crack that needs removing, nothing can be a better deal than a cutting torch.

When using the torch to cut metal, it might seem dangerous but surely a barrel of laughs. Notwithstanding, the laughs can turn into a riot if you didn’t have the best cutting torch for the money to complete your job.

In respect of that, here I will reveal 10 cutting torches that will be worth your money and give a dramatic swan song to your job. Let’s start the journey.

Benefits of Cutting Torch

A cutting torch doesn’t just pack accessories; it ships multiple advantages alongside the accessories. Let’s find out the benefits of cutting torch if any can surprise you.

Ease of Use

The cutting torches are quite handy and comfortable to use. You can easily bring and take them anywhere you love. They are extremely portable; sometimes, you alone can handle one kit or tote effortlessly.


A cutting torch performs on diverse kinds of materials, especially metal. I’d say that it can cut anything you throw at it because a cutting torch runs via oxygen, oxy-acetylene, or propane cylinder. These cylinders help the torch pierce any metal that comes in its way.

Whether you are working on aluminum, copper, metal, steel, or any other surface, the cutting torch will do it for you.

Cutting Quality

Precision cuts resemble the cutting quality. With the right tip and correct cylinder support, a cutting torch will give you unbeatable cutting quality. When cutting medium or small holes, nothing can be better than a cutting torch because it will provide you with an accurate hole radius.

Fast Cutting

If you are thinking of cutting speed, well, you shouldn’t ruin your time in thinking. The cutting torch cuts at a blazing speed that your job might get finished before your next blink. With fast cutting, you’ll save extra time in your pocket.


Every cutting torch packs a bunch of safety initials, including goggles, burning guide, cutting guide, and so on. So, you get a full safety assurance. I’ll call that a sweet deal because safety is what you need first and foremost.

Best Cutting Torch for the Money

Image Product Details   Price
Victor Technologies 0384-2450 Cutting Torch Victor Technologies 0384-2450 Cutting Torch   Check Price
Victor Technologies 0384-0945 Cutting Torch Victor Technologies 0384-0945 Cutting Torch   Check Price
Ameriflame T100A Medium Duty Portable Cutting Torch Ameriflame T100A Medium Duty Portable Cutting Torch   Check Price
SUA Medium Duty Cutting Torch- Victor Propane Cutting Torch Kit SUA Medium Duty Cutting Torch   Check Price
Genuine Victor Cutting Torch Kit Genuine Victor Cutting Torch Kit   Check Price

A proper cutting torch is an unavoidable tool and must be a versatile one while working with it. However, check out the cutting torches.

1. Victor Technologies 0384-2450 Cutting Torch

Victor Technologies 0384-2450 Cutting Torch

I know no one wants to spend his/her money on an incomplete and broken unit. For those who are looking for a complete cutting torch package with salient features, the Victor Technologies Cutting Torch is a full-house package. But good things come at a reasonable price.

Victor company dominates the cutting and welding with its various tools to meet every job specification. Here the go-to features of this cutting torch are high-quality build materials and marvelous accessories.

Being made of metal, this torch can outcome any situation you put it into. If you are thinking of welding, cutting, heating, and so on, I bet this is the best victor cutting torch that’ll be worth you spend every penny and finish the job seamlessly.

But this is a medium-duty torch setup. So you might think why my top pick happens to be a medium-level player? Well, we all want a balanced tool, neither heavy nor light, to complete our every metal task, and that’s what this tool pursues.

Well, for working and executing multiple jobs, you might need to work longer and ache pains what you might discover without the right handle. Here this tool features an ergonomically built handle to enhance the working comfort and prolonged working duration.

Besides, the torch handle is built with sturdy alloy to ensure a secure grip to provide better accuracy. This handle sits properly between your finger and thumb to lessen slippery situations and let you work without panic.

Now, cutting is what you’d be looking for mostly. This torch kit performs the jobs without a stint. It can cut anything you toss towards this. The cutting prowess starts from 1/2 inches and more than 5 inches with desired tips.

Plus, the oxygen and acetylene regulators can enable welding as well, more than 5/64 inches and 1.25 inches with appropriate tips. So, it’s surely a benefit for you, two in one.

Furthermore, the device has colored accessories and knobs not to face a dilemma between your work. A safety goggle and striker are also included to increase working efficiency.


  • A big handle for big hands
  • Comfortable working capability
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Colored knobs for easy tracing
  • Excellent build quality


  • Make sure to close your gas valves, or else the gas will fly away

2. Victor Technologies 0384-0945 Cutting Torch

Victor Technologies 0384-0945 Cutting Torch

If you are seeking the best cutting torch for HAVC, I believe you won’t have to look further than this one. Victor Technologies 0384-0945 is specially designed for the HVAC system and other light fabrication projects. Let’s check the in-depth features.

Portability does play an excellent role in the tote packages. This Victor tote kit is integrated with an ergonomically built handle for carrying the molded in-built case. The handle means to soothe your carrying hassle and offer a seamless working experience.

Finding the components during job sessions is a heck of a fuss. With accompanied storage in the case, you can keep the accessories in the case for quick and handy access.

Each component in the package works for each object and purpose. These are destined to tackle each job your throw at the unit – it can be hardcore brazing, welding, cutting steel or metal, or any other work.

While working, safety is a must-check concern for every beginner and professional. This kit from ESAB hoards phenomenal protection; for example, goggles for mere eyes and handles for a secure grip.

Above all, performance influences the work at the end of the day. With brilliant cutting accuracy, this cutting torch can cut multiple inches. This happens when you collect adequate tips for your job. In this combination, you get the proper result within time. And welding? It does that too.

However, in the package, you will see multiple tools and accessories; oxygen and acetylene regulators, dual 3/16 inch hoses, check valves, tank key, striker, and many more.

So, lastly, if you want a cutting torch that can perform industrial jobs to home repairing tasks, you should take a look at this tool. But, one thing that it doesn’t come with desired tanks. You may need to buy those.


  • Included safety goggles
  • Given manual for better operations
  • Additional storage components
  • In-built carrying handle
  • Packed hose for far-reaching jobs


  • Doesn’t feature gas tanks

3. Ameriflame T100A Medium Duty Portable Cutting Torch

Ameriflame T100A Medium Duty Portable Cutting Torch

If a portable torch kit is what you are looking for, this Ameriflame T100A Torch Kit would be worthwhile considering.

This professional-grade portable kit features both oxygen and acetylene regulators that are layered with rubber gauge boots for ultimate protection. The oxygen regulator connects via a CGA540 connection, whereas the acetylene regulator uses a CGA200 connection.

These connections make sure an exact gas flow to reduce working hassle, and enrich your operating system. In addition, you get various tip options for welding and brazing.

With a size 0 nozzle tip, you are capable of brazing deeper than 1/2 inches and welding more than 5/64 inches. Moreover, this contractor-grade kit can weld steels up to 1/8 inches and braze more than 1 inches copper tubing with the size 2 tip.

While using tanks, you would surely want to control them as you want and not waste a drop of it. Respecting that, this device possesses front valves at the stainless steel welding handle to control the gas flow accurately.

However, I prefer complete protection while doing welding, cutting, and other jobs. For working at a safe distance, you can count the twin hoses of 12.5ft – they’ll protect you from additional heating and blazing. To add more to safety, this kit accommodates eye-wear goggles to protect your eye as well.

Considering accessories, this package includes a total of 10-pieces that includes hoses, tank key, rod holder, carrying stand, flint lighter, fingertip, googles, and so on. They all combine to create high-quality results at a low price, endorsing the best cutting torch for the money.

This unit got an eye-catching feature that calls for a must-buy reason. It features a brazing rod holder, aiming to carry a 20 cubic ft oxygen tank and 10 cubic ft acetylene tank. But, the Airflame T100A doesn’t ship with the tanks. So, you need to buy them separately.

Finally, to speak of versatility, the Airflame can offer you the best services for HVAC, home repairing work, brazing, stop leaks, welding, cutting, heating, and many other things.


  • Offers high-end specs at a low budget
  • Multifunctional tools
  • Carrying stand to keep it steady
  • Rod holder for holding tanks
  • Strong welding handle


  • You have to buy tanks separately

4. SUA Medium Duty Cutting Torch– Victor Propane Cutting Torch Kit

SUA Medium Duty Cutting Torch- Victor Propane Cutting Torch Kit

A lightweight and compact tool makes your job feel like a piece of cake, and finish it at a glance. SUA Cutting torch is one of those light and compact cutting torches. You don’t even feel a single weight while using it.

This medium-duty torch kit offers a multitude of cutting versatility. The one I’m reviewing delivers all kinds of torching experience, including cutting, heating, and welding. It is compatible with both acetylene and propane gas tips.

Now, if you prefer to get only cutting with acetylene or propane, cutting + heating, or all of it one pack, you have all the options available at your hand. Check according to your job preference, and then go for it.

Crafted with brass material, this unit from SUA measures 17 inches in length and is compatible with torches of Victor Series 100. It applies 3-inch small cutting tips to adjust the Victor series.

Besides, the tool upholds a 2-inch propane or acetylene tip. That means you can use both while calling it the best cutting torch for farmers because, for farming, most of the farmers prefer to use propane gas for cutting bearing and heating bolts. It can go deeper than 1 inch while cutting metal.

For added safety, check valves are manufactured in the connectors. You will never know of any gas leaks or bursts anymore.

In addition to safety, the brass handle keeps a marvelous effort to protect your hand from the fire. You can fire by holding your hand at a distance from the nozzle, and the handle ensures it.

Being tiny and compact, it comes very tiny in size to reach your project’s tight ends, which is unbeatable. This benefit lets you complete the work right away.


  • Easily reaches the tight and tiny ends
  • Easy maintenance
  • Medium cutting qualities
  • Ideal for farmers
  • Ensured safety to prevent gas leaks


  • Some may feel this kit too tiny for their hand

5. Genuine Victor Cutting Torch Kit

Genuine Victor Cutting Torch Kit

With a traditional cutting torch, you can not cut every metal and other stuff under the sun. That’s why you’ll need a genuine cutting tool to get you there. And here’s your solution, Genuine Victor Torch.

The torch kit is an entirely reasonable package with every single accessory that you are about to encounter in your torching job. It doesn’t matter if you are working with home repairing, DIY tasks, maintenance, cutting, or welding.

But a limitation to mention that you might not find it appropriate for professional work. Medium and light tasks are like a duck soup for it. So, you can become real handy with simple tasks.

For completing tasks, this unit features a size 0 tip to cut 1/2 inches of thick metals. Anyway, for welding, you can utilize up to 5 inches with available tips. Cutting tips from type 101 series 3 and brazing tip type 350 series UM can be taken into action by adjusting the gas tank’s pressure considering the tip’s size.

Apart from those, it boards the CA411-3 cutting attachment to adjust the cutting tips and nozzle so that you can easily cut anything that comes upfront.

Howbeit, the torch handle is another fact to admire. WH41C grade handle comes integrated with check valves to let you operate the torch efficiently and safely. This handle is built with ergonomic materials keeping in mind to sit between your hand and fingers accurately — no slippery issue.

Some torch kits require assembling. Without proper guidelines and manual, many fail to attach the tools correctly. But you won’t have to one of them.

This torch unit solves every puzzle with its easy assembling manual. You can start using it right out of the box.

Still and all, this torch set offers you all the basic necessities, like brazing tip, cutting attachment, cutting tip, striker, safety goggles, and what not?


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for medium and light tasks
  • Lightweight to use
  • Ergonomic handle for prolonged use
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Nozzle is too tiny

6. BLUEFIRE Oxygen MAPP/Propane Cutting Torch– Oxy Propane Cutting Torch

BLUEFIRE Oxygen MAPP/Propane Cutting Torch

For heavy-duty projects, you must require a heavy-duty torch to go through the project. To ease your problem, you should look at Bluefire Oxygen Cutting Torch. But why? Let me explain.

First of all, you should notice the sturdy cylinder stand. The stand is made of solid metal to support the cylinders and let you do torching without a hitch. This standing rack also increases your working capability. You wouldn’t want disturbance, right? I also agree.

The next stop is build quality. Directly coming from Taiwan, this kit is manufactured with pure brass fittings and stainless steel to survive longer than any other torch kit. Besides, the build quality ensures the performance as well, which I’d say the heavy-duty performer.

Give it any task regarding heavy cutting, welding, soldering, brazing, heating, and anything else – this kit will act smoothly and call your job a day.

This professional-grade torch generates power from Oxygen and Propane/MAPP/MAPP Pro via dual gas feeds hoses and fittings. The hoses gather gas from tanks, lead it to the nozzle, and offer you a mighty flame of more than 2900 degrees Celcius.

That’s truly massive, presumably the best cutting torch for home use and professional, right?

You have to use both gas bottles of Oxygen and MAPP/Propane at a time. In cold situations, shake the cylinders a few times before you switch the torch.

Besides, the hose eases your flaming in hard-reaching places with its stretchy length. I call it an extra benefit.

Having said that, this package has a lot more accessories to offer, including a flint lighter, additional tips, pin-point burner tip, spark lighter, and so on.


  • High flaming temperature
  • Ideal for both home and professional job
  • Perfect for heavy-duty jobs
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Oxygen cylinder will run out fast
  • Cylinders not included

7. YaeTek 12PCS Cutting Torch

YaeTek 12PCS Cutting Torch

Have you been searching for the best cutting torch set that allows you to use multiple beneficial accessories? If so, then YaeTek Cutting Torch should be your call. This torch kit holds a package of 12 pieces of accessories. But it has many other beneficial stories to tell you.

This gas torch kit not only offers to cut but also does welding efficiently. Also, it performs heating and brazing; rest assured with precision results.

To confirm the maximum performance, the build materials and quality have to make an indicatory positive effect. Being built with heavy-duty brass and metal, it provides higher working strength, longevity, and fabulous durability.

This torch kit offers a convenient box. You can pack all your accessories in the box and carry them anywhere.

However, regarding the box, you will notice countless accessories. Starting from wedding goggles, two cooper joints, chrome-plated igniter, cutting attachment, aluminum pin, and many more – everything will be in the storage box.


  • Bunch of accessories
  • Carrying storage box
  • Ideal for both professional and newbie
  • User-friendly manual
  • Prolonged build quality


  • Storage box is made of cardboard

8. Victor Cutting Torch Kit

Victor Cutting Torch Kit

You might have already heard about Victor several times in this article, the best cutting torch band in the torching industry. Here I’m presenting you with another cutting set by Victor Technologies. Best if you need something for medium-duty works.

This torch kit is amazingly comfortable to grip with its 100FC handle, which doesn’t feel slippery at all. Cutting large slabs made of steel won’t make your hand feeling uncomfortable. No hinging or lagging problems will occur.

In addition to the handle, it is knotted with check valves and flashback arrestors. These allow you to indemnify proper use of gas without wasting a bit.

For tight and far-reaching ends, a 12.5 inch upgraded and excellent quality hose comes in the box to endure heat and punctures. Thus, it is safe for use and sturdy as well. To add an extra layer of safety, a pair of goggles are also included.

In any event, this piece of kit from Victor is a smaller set when comparing to others, and hence you will have to buy regulators individually. Also, it does not give you any nozzles or spare tips and such.

This torch is different from our other picks; even then, it is a luscious option for the hobbyist or even the workshop owners out there.


  • Certified cutting tip
  • Prevents over-gas flow via check valves
  • Comes in a handy size
  • Included hose for tight ends
  • Goggles to protect your eyes


  • Doesn’t pack regulators

9. Flange Wizard CW-300 Cutting Torch

Flange Wizard CW 300 Cutting Torch 1

I assume that during brazing, cutting, soldering, or welding, sometimes you might need to make holes. It doesn’t bother whether it is medium or small. For this job, the Flange Wizard stays unbeaten in the market with its burning and cutting guides.

To make medium to small holes, you can use this circle-sized wiz cutting attachment with regular torches. It can cut starting from 5/8 inches diameter to a maximum of 12 inches diameter. With a chariot cutting guide, 5/8 inches to 39 inches holes can be created without any fuss.

For holes, adjust the center pin and the hex arm to gain the correct hole radius. Then you have to keep the sharpened point in your desired center mark, and you are good to cut.

Nonetheless, the Flange Wizard is built with solid steel brass bushing to produce higher strength in the cutting body. Being made of higher material, it can adopt any size of regular torches and ensure a tight grip so that the joint doesn’t loosen up.

Safety is a massive concern when you are working with fire. You can add a burning guide while checking this one out in order to stay away from flame and fire heat.

Lastly, one last impressive feature is the lightweight body of this torch kit. It comes barely 0.14lb, which is too light to weigh. You won’t feel like holding anything in your work when using this one.


  • Lightweight build quality
  • Solid brass to produce higher strength
  • Additional chariot guide for making bigger holes
  • Ideal for medium and small holes
  • Easy to use


  • Body looks flimsy, but it shouldn’t bother much

10. Hot Max VHD-1 Victor Style Cutting Torch– best propane cutting torch

Hot Max VHD 1 Victor Style Cutting Torch

This is the last one for you, Hot Max VHD-1 Cutting Torch. The question is, does it worth the best cutting torch for the money title? Read on.

The first reason to call it the best is its build quality. This torch unit is upgraded with stainless steel and solid brass to grant you a long-time breezy service. Also, these building materials enhance durability as well to protect the body from natural depletion.

This torch’s handle comes with an ergonomic design, made of brass and stainless steel similar to the body. So, it secures a potential grip on your hand and stays firm on the whole working period.

Not to mention, the handle is free from all kinds of slippery issues, making it safe for rough usage.

Anyways, this cutting torch is a pack of three-piece which are too neat to assemble in minutes. As soon as you complete, you just require a corded electric source; that’s what will power the torch.

After that, as this unit is meant to perform all heavy-duty works, it can cut mild steel more than 8 inches. Interestingly, this Hot Max Torch Kit applicable with victor style cutting tip, 1-101-1.

I’d recommend using an acetylene gas cylinder with this torch for cutting. Because propane gas isn’t enough to heat the surface and cannot cut more than 1/4 inches. Instead, the heat will distort the metal cutting and eventually create uneven cuts.


  • Set of three pieces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with victor cutting tip
  • Additional cutting tip
  • Great value for money


  • Not suggested using with propane gas

What to Look for Before You Buy?

While choosing the best cutting torch for the money, you have to consider few things first. The following things will help you to find a perfectly designed kit that would be suitable for your project and fill up your specific necessities.


There must be a gauge that is large and easy to read so that you may see the exact pressure that is running at your gas. Without proper gauge readability, you will not notice if your gas cylinder is full or empty and what pressure level it is at. In respect of that, you may need to face obstacles between your work.


A cutting torch can perform a multitude of applications, considering heating, welding, and cutting, and everything lies on the material. Some materials are more powerful than others, and each tool intends to work for clear-cut applications.

So, choose a machine that contains cutting, welding, and heating power if you wish to complete multiple challenging metal projects.

However, you should think of spending more than your pocket has. Aside from that, if you are dealing with soft and normal metal tasks, it’s better to spend less and choose something that comes with less performance endurance.


A cutting torch with a functional regulator should be your top pick. With a regulator, you can control how much amount of acetylene gas to be dispensed. If the torch kit can act like a welding kit, you’ll notice an oxygen regulator as well.

Both regulators should come in different colors so that you can visualize each other separately in a sip.

The torch kit should have colored gas hoses inside the package, so you won’t mistakenly hook the acetylene hose to the oxygen regulator. Usually, the standard hose length for welding machines and cutting torches is 15ft. If you need a longer one, you can get 20ft or more according to your needs.

Cutting Tips

While using a torch, cutting tips are a vital factor in your welding and cutting applications because tip sizes can vary according to tasks. Tips will cost you a bunch of pennies, though. a kit with more tips will be expensive. Tips that are 0 sized will typically cut materials that are more than 1/2 inches thick.

The key thing to consider while buying tips is whether the tips are easily changeable or not cleanable. You would want to have a torch kit that will let your switch tips without any trouble or additional help.

Cutting Torch Capabilities

Specifically, the capabilities are based on your job preference, like what kind of torch kit you need depends on the metal thickness you will work on. Then, after you have decided, you can buy your desired cutting torch to cut the required thickness with extreme joy and ease.

Build Materials

Generally, a cutting torch is made from stainless steel, brass, and metal. But the primary body tends to come in brass material and other components with stainless steel materials. So, it differs from torch to torch.

These materials are likely to erode less; instead, they make the torch more durable and damage-resistant. Having said that, you should look for these materials while buying a cutting torch.

Reading Manual

A reading manual is a basic guideline you will get with the pack. But it won’t speak of how to use every single torch kit, rather the manual will give reference guides. So, what is a reference guide? A reference will basically tell you what type of tip size you will need for your distinct job and metal thickness.

Besides, the reference guide will inform you of the pressure amount of acetylene and oxygen regulators should show on the gauges.


Hand aches and fatigues are pervasive in our day-to-day life. This is the reason you must pick a torch kit that features an ergonomically built handle. Also, check if the handle provides a comfortable grip and if the angle and position, and regulators are suitable.

Anyway, pick the right torch from the brand you feel most trusted because of their time being around and higher brand value.

Plasma Cutter Vs. Torch Cutter

Torch cutters and Plasma cutters are both used in diverse ways for various purposes. The Plasma cutter needs ionized gas at a temperature above 20,000 degrees Celcius to cut metal. It can melt a material and cut very deeply about an inch of it.

This process works by sending an electric arc through a gas. Typical materials that are becoming more common in industries such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper can be cut via Plasma cutter.

The same cutter can do an operation very proficiently and speed up the whole procedure. It can also cut very fine kerf with less slag that guarantees automation.

Cutting torches can offer exceptional portability in various situations. A torch cutter is able to cut metal to a depth of about 12 inches. This cut can be taken by industrial cutters to a depth of about 20 inches.

Moreover, this process does not require a compressed air source like the Plasma cutter. So, it is easier with a torch cutter to cut things almost anywhere.

Comparing to Plasma cutters, torches are much portable to work in nearly every situation. Torches are used for cutting ferrous and iron-based metals, whereas Plasma cutters are used for steel and aluminum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I set my cutting torch on?

It’s better if you follow the manufacturer’s manual so that you can miss out on the risks. But on average, you should set the torch acetylene regulator at 10 psi and oxygen regulator at 40 psi.

Can I weld with a cutting torch?

Yes, of course, you can weld with a cutting torch. For using a cutting torch as a welder, you might need to make short increments to get an accurate or nearby result.

What do I need a cutting torch for?

For cutting metal applications, piercing holes, you will need to have a cutting torch. You can use a cutting torch for repairing fabricated metal or for fabrication purposes. Farms, automative repairs, ranches, hobbyists, lawn, garden, repair shop, and most small businesses conduct cutting torches for their daily tasks.

Why is my cutting torch keep popping?

It might be a problem causing by the gas flow. Check the regulators and see if there are any adjustments needed to stop the noise. Also, you have first to switch off the oxygen cylinder instead of acetylene. If you do it in the wrong way, it can be the cause of popping.

Is plasma cutter better than a cutting torch?

A plasma cutter doesn’t need any preparation or preheated metal surface to cut, which eventually saves your time. Plasma cutters also surpass oxy-fuel torches while cutting piled metals. Also, faster cutting is seen on plasma cutter without a bit of distortion.


Well, this is the end moment of your cutting torch journey.

So, if you are hunting for the best cutting torch for the money, read the above review guides to choose one. And if I’m to recommend, I’d highly suggest you the Victor Technologies 0384-2540 Torch kit. This kit offers high-end working capabilities, accessories at an affordable budget. Happy Cutting!

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