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10 Best MIG Welder for the money & Buying Guide 2021

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Are you looking for a Mig Welder (that is really good) for your work or home? If so, then you are in the right place to find out the best MIG Welder for the money.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is the most popular welding method at hand. It is the most well-known than (GMAW). Because Metal Inert Gas (MIG) is too simple to learn and there is no need to clean it every time.

There are many MIG Welders available in the market, but it is a little confusing and not easy to choose which one will be best for you. As a beginner, it is challenging to find out.

In this article, I am going to explain how you will choose the right best MIG machine for you. And I reviewed here the top 10 best MIG Welder on the market of 2021.

I hope, it will help you to purchase a MIG welder. which is best for your home or workshop.

if you want to know about what is MIG welding Click here.

Top 10 Best MIG Welder For The Money Reviews

1. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG welder 115V Review – Best for Beginner

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: MIG (GMAW), Flux Cored
  • Input Voltage: 150/120v
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90Amp.
  • Weld Thickness: Welds 24 gauge, to 1/4 in mild steel
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Hobart’s most popular MIG welder for beginners the Hobart (500559) Handler 140 MIG Welder plays an essential role for multipurpose work. You can use it for both MIG and flux-cored welding processes. If you are a beginner then it can be the best welder for beginners.

The Hobart (500559) Handler 140 MIG Welder can handle just about any household project easily. It is perfect for auto bodywork. It is capable of weld steel. stainless steel. and aluminum. it can work with c25 gas mixture co2 Primax AR co2. it can be used without a shielding gas because it accepts flux core.

The Hobart Handler 140 model machine has a light 1/4 inch 24 gauge sublime aluminum industry wire drive system. 5 position voltage control.

Works at 115-150 voltages using electricity of 115 percent. Due to the making of aluminum, the machine does not take time to cool quickly. With this, any welding can as done, and no additional finishing is needed, so it is possible to complete many tasks in less time.

20-ampere copper cable can as welded to 3 to 60 milliliters on the 5-step taped voltage controllers.

The welding helmet will be your eyesight. Protected cable, 8-inch spool adapter, creative manual, and its instructional book.

The Hobart (500559) Handler 140 MIG Welder is easy to start and use. It is the best MIG for beginners. It will last well into your welding career because it produces are of such a high-quality weld.

You can be ready to do welding in just a couple of minutes to set up. Since you are in the initial state, you can quickly master the solder from the guide through a welding guide.

It’s one of the most popular welders on the market, as it’s powerful, super reliable, easy to use and has several great features.

The welder has a built-in gas valve, 10-ft power cord, 10-ft work cable & clamp, 8-inch spool adapter, extra contact tips, a sample spool of flux-core wire, dual gauge regulator and gas hose, and a 10-ft MIG gun with liner.


  • Easy to Set-Up and Use (Low Skills Need);
  • Great Quality;
  • Portable (Easy to Carry/Move);
  • Ready to Use (No need to purchase any extra types of equipment);
  • Inbuilt safety features;
  • Auto body repairs;
  • cast-aluminum wire drive system


  • Extra Gas Required;
  • No Safety Gear Included (Such as Mask & Gloves);
  • Not for heavy-duty works

2. Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder 120v Review– Start-Up Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: Stick MIG and DC TIG Welder.
  • Input Voltage: 120 volts
  • Duty Cycle: 20%
  • Weld Thickness: Plate 1/4″ 6.35 milli. stick elect 1/8
  • Weight: ‎25.8 pounds
  • Warranty: ‎12 month warranty

Though Forney is not well-known yet they provide a great welder for those persons specifically who wants to take this in their DIY project. its work for Multi-Process.

Forney brings this machine into the market to take consideration of the beginners. Those who want to work on welding, they can easily use their inspiration and expertise with Forney Welding Machine. They introduced the best option along with up to everything that you need.

The Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder is a complete package that costs you a certain price (obviously you can afford it!). it has wire feed speed controls allow you can dial in the perfect weld. it has Infinite voltage setting. It is highly recommended for the beginner and some average intermediary work as well. The best part for this welder is you can insert extra gas or not(can use gas or no gas-based) to work with it. There is some other safety equipment also provided, that also saves your money.

The Forney Welding Machines is a non-gutted electro machine, so it is called the primary MULTI-PROCESS WELDER- 3 in 1 welding machine.

Initially, you can test it from anything around your berry, but be sure that the connection does not take place on the ground or in the wet air space. You must remember that it is an electric gasless device that mainly works through electrical connections.

Forney Welding Machines has been able to stir the current market due to welding finish with a 12-month warranty.


  • It will be great for welding thicker metals.
  • The important one: no need to refill gas.
  • everything you need in one machine
  • Three position switch allows you to change process quickly
  • The machine is portable so that you can move with it easily wherever you want to weld.
  • Simple setup and easy to use for anyone
  • Their customer support is very responsive that you will be surprised.
  • During work, your neighbor doesn’t feel bothered for the sound of it.
  • The output voltage is DC: which takes a short time to do the welding.


  • As it is a low amperage machine, you can’t do complex welding (like stainless steel, Aluminum).
  • Not for heavy project

3. Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V Review– Best For professional. Our Top Pick

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: MIG, Flux Cored
  • Input Voltage: 230V
  • Duty Cycle: @ 30% 130Amp
  • Weld Thickness: Welds 24 gauge, to 5/16 inch steel.
  • Weight: 68 lbs (31 kg)
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

If you are looking for a low-cost MIG welder that’s capable of handling both aluminum and steel then the Hobart 500554 Handler 190 is a perfect option for you.

The Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder comes with a 10-foot long MIG gun. 30% duty cycle at 130 amp while your feed welder. Spool Runner 100 gun. 8″ Spool adapter. 10 ft. work cable and clamp. It is capable of welding flux core steel, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

Also offers variable wire feed speed control. seven voltage settings. 5-foot gas hose. allow to weld 24 gauge to 5/16 inches.

The Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder is a great unit that can handle most small shop-type work. It has some handy features. that you’ll found on expensive models, like the regulated wire feed.

It is highly useful for household repairs, auto body repairs, it’s typically good to use for sheet metal and bodywork, and even farm projects.

There is a difficulty for run the Hobart Handler 190 welder with a normal household power outlet because it will require 230v outlet. On the other side, you can use it with generators of at least 7,000 watts.

You need to keep in mind that the Hobart 190 operates on 230V power if you’re planning on using it at home or on the farm. This great MIG Welder was also suitable for beginners.


  • Durable and hence will last many days
  • Lightweight design
  • Portable and thus suitable for outdoor projects
  • User friendly for a beginner
  • Reliable and high performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price


  • Spool gun is not included. Buying it separately attracts extra costs.

4. Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire with Automatic Feed Review– Best Portable MIG at Cheap Price

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: Flux-cored wire, MIG
  • Input Voltage: 110V/
  • Duty Cycle: 15% @ 105A
  • Weld Thickness: 1/4
  • Weight: 35 pounds

Are you thinking about to buy a flux core welder? for your DIY project which is automatic. Does your budget is limited? Are you looking for the best MIG welder under 500$?

If the answer to the above question is YES, then this one helps you. Goplus Mig 130 is the best budget welder. You can’t use it with a shielding gas, which can be an advantage or disadvantage according to your demand from this welder. it’s perfect for iron & steel.

The welder takes flux core wires with a thickness of 0.030 inches and 0.035 inches. Up to 2-pound spools accommodates into its wire spindle. This welder works fabulously for ⅜ -inch metal. If you’re-experienced in welding, you can weld up to a quarter-inch thick. It has 4 different settings.10 levels of wire feeding speed and 4 levels of adjustable welding speed.

Goplus provides a free welding mask, but the irritating thing is the mask is a handheld one. If you weld regularly then it’ll be great to buy a new mask that also frees your hand.

As it is a budget welding machine, so you’ve to compromise some of the lackings. But, compared to its price, it can be addressed as the best MIG welding machine for the money.

Goplus don’t provide any warranty regarding this one. However, it has many favorable reviews on Amazon.


  • Best budget-oriented welder.
  • The setting is 4 voltage.
  • The welding machine has a 10-position feed speed.
  • Took less time to weld.
  • it has ten levels of wire speed.
  • it can weld iron and steel.
  • it can use for heavy-duty jobs


  • Only flux cored wires can be used in this machine.
  • The spec sheet is not in details
  • No warranty provided

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5. LINCOLN ELECTRIC Easy MIG 140 Wire Feed Welder 120V– Best for Home Use

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: MIG/Flux Core
  • Input Voltage: 120VAC
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90A
  • Weld Thickness: 4 inches
  • Weight: 62.0 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 Years.

There are lots of MIG Welder you will find in the market, but if you are looking for the best small autobody MIG welder, then the Lincoln Electric Handheld 140 MIG Welder is a perfect option for you.

You can use this machine for home. DIY workshops. hobby welding and minor jobs because of its 120v. I can say that you will be impressed with its performance because you can use it with gas and gasless wire and it welds excellent. So, it can be considered as the best gasless MIG welder too.

It comes with both flux core wire and solid wire. And you can plugs it into a 120-volt outlet. But I need to inform you an important point that I think. It does plug into a 120V outlet, it also needs to be 20 amps. Most 120V home outlets are going to be 15 amps.

It has a unique voltage controller for controlling its voltage. The Lincoln EasyMIG 140 Welder can control a whole lot of the thermal overload.

You can use it for welds carbon, stainless steel. mild steel. and aluminum quite well. You can do aluminum welding with a spool gun. On the other side, if you use 100% argon, then you can weld aluminum without the spool gun.

The Lincoln Electric Handheld 140 can be used almost everywhere. also its works well for farm repair projects. it is easy to use.

If you are a most household and hobby welder person this welder good option for you I highly recommend it.


  • Affordable Price.
  • Unique voltage controller.
  • Great Perform and Long Lasting.
  • Suitable for Beginner or Professional.


  • Need to purchase other gears separately.

6. Hobart Handler 210 MVP– Best dual voltage MIG welder with MVP plug

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: Mig welder, gas-welding
  • Input Voltage: 115V
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 amps
  • Weld Thickness: weld 24-ga. to 3/8in steel
  • Weight: 87.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty.

If you are looking for a good welder under 1000$, Hobart handler 210 MVP Welder can be an optimal option for you. It can be the best budget MIG welder that you would be paying. It is the only Hobart welder that has the capability to run 210A of power in a portable case. It can be suitable for a wide range of applications and has maintained the reputation of the brand of creating reliable machines.

This MIG welder can weld 24 gauges right up to 3/8 inch mild steel in a single pass. One can use it for household repair jobs or any construction. You can control the speed of wire feed as you want, which delivers you with a high-quality arc performance.

It helps you to achieve a high quality of welds by allowing you to attach two different receptacles for input voltage. It will give you the option for selecting seven different voltage position for 230 volt and four separate voltage settings for 115 volts. At 230 volt, the power output ranges from 25 amperes to 210 amperes, and at 115-volt (PO) ranges from 25 amperes to 140 amperes.

To regulate your settings, you will receive a setup chart and guideline. The welding gun is ten-foot, and it has a five-foot gas hose. It comes with a built-in feature for safety, including protection for motor and thermal overload. It has also got an area for storage internally.


  • Wire feed speed can be controlled in infinite ways.
  • Suitable to use for different types of projects.
  • It comes with an industrial warranty.
  • It is a lot cheaper considering its features.


  • It is cumbersome to work with.

7. Everlast Power MIG 200 200amp– easy switch between MIG and stick welder

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: ARC MIG and Stick.
  • Input Voltage: 240 volts.
  • Duty Cycle: Good duty cycle.
  • Weld Thickness: 24 gauge in 7/16
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years.

Are you looking for a powerful dual voltage welder, which will allow you to switch from MIG to stick welding? Then you can buy the everlast MIG. It is designed to meet the level of professionalism and your demand for welding. So, it can be addressed as the best 220v MIG welder.

It has been structured in such a way it will help you in your work. It has a feature called control burn-back, which can save a lot of your time. The device also ensures that its wire is at the right length and lines up perfectly.

It comes with IGB inverter technology. It will also allow you to switch from 110 volts to 220 volts and will assist you to convert volts into a reliable stream of energy for welding. It gives you a consistent performance by giving steady streaming current.

The package comes with an optional spool gun that makes the job easier for the welder. It can handle the aluminum pretty well. The welder has one control system that controls everything and enables you to achieve perfect weld. It has a unit called Eurostyle quick coupler, which allows the use of aftermarket gun. 


  • It has a very lightweight
  • Easy to work
  • It is portable and reliable
  • It is cheap compared to the other welders belonging to the same class.
  • It includes an air regulator
  • It gives less spatter.
  • Quick functioning


  • You can face difficulty while fixing the spool as it is a bit sloppy
  • The knobs are analog

8. The Lotos MIG 140 wire welder– Best for small to medium projects

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: MIG-Flux Core.
  • Input Voltage: 110/120V.
  • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90A.
  • Weld Thickness: 24 gauge – 3/16
  • Weight: 56 pounds.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

If you are aiming at creating a balance between price and performance, go with Lotos MIG 140 wire welder. The company of this product has maintained its reputation for providing affordable welders over the years. The welder is convenient to use both for constrictions works and DIY projects. 

it allows you to weld mild steel, stainless steel, and other metal materials. It comes with two digital displays. It works with both flux-cored and solid wires. so it can be used without shielding gas. wire feed speed and voltage selector have 10 positions.

The welder has a very user-friendly control panel on its front.  From there, you can change the voltage and wire feed speed according to your preferences. It comes with 2T and 4T switches. So it is suitable for both short times manual works and more extended periods. it can make thicker metal than the Lincoln Handy MIG.

To make it run, you would need 110 volts or 120 volts, and the power output ranges between 30 ampere and 140 amperes. It can be mentioned as the best 110v MIG welder. If you are looking to change the input voltage region, you have to get an adapter. 

The aluminum wire feeder offers a much better welding experience and also accepts a good range of material sizes. It includes MIG torch, Ground Clamp Cable, Argon Regulator, Contact Tips, Welding Mask, and Wire.


  • It is a bit heavy compared to the other similar welders, you can carry this welder quite easily from one place to another.
  • The control panel is easy to use.
  • It includes a lot of accessories.
  • It provides a short setup time.
  • The company offers 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • You can make the process of welding either manual or automatic.
  • Cheaper compared to its performance.
  • You can use it with and without gas.


  • Accessories cannot be interchanged.
  • It can be used for small and medium projects.

9. Lotos MIG175 175AMP MIG Welde– good for fabrication work

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: Mig Welder and flux core.
  • Input Voltage: 220/240V AC.
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 60 Amp.
  • Weld Thickness: 18 Gauge – 1/4.
  • Weight: 88.2 pounds.
  • Warranty: 1-year.

If you are searching for a welder that can weld almost anything, purchase Lotos MIG175 175AMP MIG welder. It can weld steel, aluminum, stainless steel. One can use it with flux core and comes with its own gas regulator. it can use dual voltage, It is also capable of handling any size of wire reels. It is a budget-friendly welding machine.

This welder has various features. A spool gun is included in the package. It saves a lot of your time by feeding the wire evenly. It gives you a steady arc that heats the metal.

this machine has thermal overload protection. which doesn’t allow this machine to overheat.

It weighs eighty-five pounds. Still, it can adjust itself easily in enclosed spaces and can get the job done. It comes with a spool gun to feed the wire, which can handle standard-sized reels easily. The package also includes argon regulator, face shield, welding torch, which can reach above 8 feet, gas hose, and cleaning brushes for the torch and spool gun.

it’s comes with. MIG torch, Aluminum Spool Gun, Ground Clamp Cable, Gas Hose, Contact Tips, Welding Mask, and Wire. etc.


  • It has a two-step trigger. It releases the gas first and then uses the arc
  • You can adjust the speed of wire feed as you want.
  • It gets the welding jobs fast
  • It has the potential to beat some of the expensive MIGs.
  • It is easy to work.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • The company has great customer support.
  • An optimal option for you if you love DIY.
  • It can be used without gas.
  • thermal overload protection
  • Welds fast, and welds are precise.
  • It gives you a neat weld.
  • The company offers a 30-day refund.


  • It is not suitable for massive production.
  • Not suitable for girder work.

10. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-I MIG Welder– a light weighing welder

Highlighted Features

  • Processes: MIG Welder-flux core wire.
  • Input Voltage: 120.
  • Duty Cycle: 30% at 90 amp.
  • Weld Thickness: 24-gauge 1/4.
  • Weight: 6.59 pounds.
  • Warranty: 12 month.

If you want a welder for maintenance and repair, for metal fabrication and if you are a hobbyist, you should go with this one. It is a 140-ampere flux-cored wire welder. it can be used without shielding gas. It weighs only 19 pounds. this machine can be used with 10-pound spool of wire.

and It comes with features of infinite wire feed speed. It does not require gas to run. It can run off standard household power as long as one has at least a breaker of 20 amperes.

It requires 120 volts of input and output is of 140 amperes. It has the ability to weld 24- gauge up to 1/4 inches (6.35 millimeters).  This product also comes with 8′ MIG gun, 8′ ground clamp, torch, and 20 amperes -25 amperes adapter.  The duty cycle is 30% at 90 amperes. is a great machine for maintenance and repair. metal fabrication. and hobbyists.

Recommended accessories for this machine are contact tips, welding nozzles, diffuser, flux core MIG wire, anti-spatter spray, and nozzle gel.


  • Ideal entry-level welder.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Quite portable. It can be easily carried.
  • It has infinite wire feed speed and voltage control, which gives you perfect welding every time.
  • It features 140-ampere output. It is quite powerful.
  • It is protected by a metal case.
  • It is big enough to deal with 2 and 10pounds rolls of wire.


  • The wire feeding speed is way too slow. The wire feed rate is 3 inches per second, according to one of its users, which is not suitable for practical welding.

Some of the users said that the wire burned back to the tip immediately, once they tried to set the maximum speed, even at the lowest current setting.


If you are a professional MIG Welder, then you already know which things you should take a look while buying a MIG Welder. Feel free to skip ahead if you have previous welding expertise.

For beginners, here is the buying guide to choose the right MIG welders that you would be investing in. This section will give you a better understanding of the types of welders available, how to choose best MIG Welders, how each performs and the qualification of welding skill required to operate each.

What type of Welders Available?

If you look at other machines of MIG welding, you will understand that MIG welding is very simple and safe for all class and non-professional class professionals. It is very easy to use and it is the main difference between cheap and expensive MIG welders. It is one of the easier types of welding for beginners to learn.

There are actually two different types of welding.

  1. The first use bare wire and
  2. The second flux core.

If you are looking for MIG Welding to join thin pieces of metal together, then you should use wire MIG welding. On the other hand, Flux core MIG welding can be used outdoors because it does not require a flow meter or gas supply.

If you don’t want to spend huge money on expensive equipment, then MIG Welding is a perfect choice.

Know whether you are buying a good welder or not?

Try to buy one of those welders that will offer you a good warranty. If the company is not offering any guarantee, it would not be wise to trust it until it is not a well-known brand in the market. Though, most of the renowned brands do come with offers.  Keep on your mind that low amperage units often can only weld using the flux-cored wire. Many of them are not able to hook up the gas cylinder. Look for the welder that can hook up a spool gun to weld aluminum. Before buying MIG welder, make sure that you have the correct electric outlets installed.

Consider your budget as well. If your goal is to work with easy projects, try to find one that will deliver you excellent services under a decent budget. Buying the super expensive one is not enough. Buy one that fits your demand and budget perfectly, if you have heavy tasks to accomplish, research enough to find the best MIG welders for the money.

How to choose a MIG Welder?

I already said to you that it is not so easy to choose the best MIG Welder, as there are so many shapes and sizes out there. So, I will try to explain here to you what is the right way to select MIG Welder best for you.

First, decide what type of work you want to do with this MIG Welder? Do you want to use it for home or workshop? Are you a beginner or professional MIG Welder? What’s your budget?

If you can get these answers from you, then you will definitely choose the perfect MIG Welder for you.

FAQ Section

What type of wire is used for MIG welding?

A good MIG welding wire for all purposes is ER70S-6. It can be a standard choice.

Is it okay to use flux core wire in a MIG welder?

Yes, it will work fine. It can work in windy conditions and also gives a better level of penetration than gas shielded wire.

Can MIG welder weld cast iron?

Yes, it can be done, but the resulting joint would not be as strong.

Why would one prefer MIG welding?

MIG welder performs better in welding thick materials as it does not need to heat the material.

What gas is best for MIG welding?

The most commonly used inert gas is Argon. Another one is Helium. The most common active gasses are 100% carbon or a mixture of carbon and argon.

Is MIG welding difficult to learn?

One can adapt the procedure if MIG welding very quickly. It is the most versatile welding procedure and easy to learn.

Which one is the harder between TIG welding and MIG welding?

TIG welding is the toughest one to learn. It is harder to master compared to MIG welding as it is a very tedious process.


Here I tried to describe different types of MIG Welders for different purposes using.

Finally, you can realize now, which one is the perfect MIG Welder for you and why you need to keep a look at the quality. If you want to know anything or give us any suggestions about this (MIG Welding) article, then do not hesitate to comment. I will appreciate you.

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