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10 Best Welding Jackets with Essential Features for 2021

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How many times have you faced or heard of accidents from welding jobs? You may have noticed that accidents mostly occur due to the lack of proper protection while working. And we know very well that these accidents can be deadly.

However, taking precautions during a welding job is rather a simple task if you know exactly what to do. There are a couple of tools that are essential in this regard. The most important one is a welding jacket.

We have researched the market and narrowed down the best options for you. Don’t worry if you know less about them. This review will provide all the information you need to know to buy one.

Let’s get right to it!

Why Get a Best Welding Jacket?

Welding is considered to be a high-risk job. You will be able to work freely and safely with the right protective clothing. Here are some of the reasons why you should wear a welding jacket:

  • Resists Fire

As you know that while doing any welding work, there are lots of sparks and bits of fire that can be very harmful to the worker. Hence, having a welding jacket saves you from this risk. Your body will be protected from the flame that flies around.

  • Resists Electricity

During all the heavy-duty workload of a welding job, you might mistakenly come into contact with some electrical parts. This can result in dangerous mishaps. But if you have a welding jacket, it will keep you away from any electric shocks.

  • Increases Work Efficiency

If you constantly have to think of accidents or your clothes getting damaged, you will not be able to work properly. This will decrease your work efficiency while welding. But with a jacket, you are much safer. It allows you to concentrate on your work rather than fear of accidents.

10 Best Welding Jackets Review

Image Product Details   Price
BSX-BX9C-Flames-Cotton-Welding-Jacket BSX BX9C Black W/Red Flames Resistant Cotton Welding Jacket Color: Black
Size: X-Large
Material: fr cotton
Check Price
Black-Stallion-BSX-FR-Welding-Coat-–-Roy Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat Color: Blue/Black
Size: XL
Material: Cotton
Check Price
BSX-Flame-Resistant-Welding-Jacket BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket Color: Black
Size: 2X-Large
Material: FR Cotton
Check Price
Miller-Electric-2241909-Welding-Jacket Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket Color: Navy Blue
Size: X-Large
Material: 88% Cotton, 12% Nylon
Check Price
Lincoln-Electric-Premium-Flame-Resistant-FR-Cotton-Welding-Jacket Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket Color: Black
Size: XXXLarge
Material: Cotton
Check Price

It is completely normal if you do not know much about this kind of jacket. Because of being quite different from regular clothing and jackets, you should make your decisions carefully while buying. The best brands and models in this business are as follows:

1. 1. BSX BX9C Black W/Red Flames Resistant Cotton Welding Jacket-our Top Pick – Our Top Pick

Highlighted Features

  • Brand: BSX Gear
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Model: BX9C
  • Color: Black
  • Size: X-Large
  • Material: fr cotton

If you are an amateur at welding, it might seem to be an extravagance to buy a protective jacket. This is also applicable if you are doing your welding work at any common or rented space and might only have to work on something on rare occasions in a year.

All the same, regardless of how many jobs you have to work on, accidents can happen at any time. So, why take a chance?

Besides, the thickness of the BSX BC9C is remarkable than any other welding shirt. You might think that it is as thick as the canvas, but it is nothing like that. Although you may feel a little temperature after putting it on the first time, you will get used to it once you start to weld and grind.

On the other hand, it gets hot around when you work on your welding jobs, and you can’t avoid that. What you can do is get yourself a jacket that has proper ventilation. With this model, you get exactly that. Your jacket will not be soaked in sweat after working.

Accordingly, a little adjustment can go a long way in case of accessories like this. The one we have here has two adjustable snaps, each at the neck protection and wrist closures. Two additional snaps are there at the lower back and the stomach.

So, no matter what clothes you are wearing, you can always make adjustments using these snaps. You can also easily tighten them up while working and loosen them while taking a break.


  • Great quality cotton fabric
  • Excellent ventilation and temperature control
  • Adjustable snaps for a better fit
  • Stylish design
  • flame-resistant cotton
  • Covers up to the neck


  • Should be replaced if it gets damaged due to extreme temperature
  • The buttons might require replacement after continuous usage

2. Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat – Roy

Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat Roy

Firstly, this brand provides you with firmly made jackets from quality materials. You can rest assured that they have greater longevity than other brands.

There are a lot of times when you feel like you have not bought the right size of the jacket. And it only fits your body perfectly but not your wrists or your neck, so this can get very uncomfortable. Hence, if you are not comfortable, there is no point in taking precautions.

That’s because your accessories should allow you to work more efficiently than before and shouldn’t restrict you in any way. In that sense, this black stallion welding jacket comes with 2 flaps for adjustments at the back. They are about 3 inches long. The additional feature you get is the snaps that are on the flaps.

They are designed to cover the waist area to some extent and work like the cuffs on shirts. You will certainly look for a jacket that not only protects you during your welder work but also looks good on you.

One of the major reasons why you should go for this jacket is because it gives coverage not only for your body but also for your arms, torso, and waist. It is a lot better than wearing just sleeves.

If a jacket that is properly built for heavy work is what you require, this is the one for you. The high-quality fabric and materials that are used on this justify for the little bit of extra weight. But after wearing it for some time, you will not notice that. This can really be a great choice if you are working in cold weather.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Revco
  • Weight: 1.70 pounds
  • Model: BXRB9C-XLG
  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Size: XL
  • Material: Cotton


  • Additional straps and snaps for adjustment
  • Covers the entire upper part of your body
  • Made for heavy-duty usage
  • 9-ounce flame-resistant cotton
  • Convenient modern design
  • Good for working in the cold


  • Might feel a little heavy at first
  • Needs to be cooled down when it comes in direct contact with fire

3. BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket

BSX Flame Resistant Welding Jacket

Many people, who have to work with metal and do a lot of welding are exposed to countless accidents and threats from fire and spark-related injuries. Injuries like this often lead to serious problems. Therefore, a welding jacket is a must for them.

Another issue is that amateur users think that a jacket is not necessary because they do not have to engage in welding work very often, but this is a wrong assumption. They are more vulnerable to threats because of being amateurs. So, we strongly suggest both amateurs and professionals to use it properly.

Apart from that, you will not be able to work with your full efficiency unless your jacket is comfortable. The fabric of it needs to be made in such a way that it ventilates the heated air properly. This model from BSX is made from cotton fabric, making it soothing to wear.

From the above-mentioned features, you can already assume that this one is a very well-built jacket. It covers your body with great material. If you are looking for a thick material for doing some kind of overhead welding, you should definitely go for this.

How many times have you went to work and faced troubles with keeping your tools? It will waste a lot of your time if you have to reach out to someplace while working. So, keeping your additional tools in the dual pockets attached to your jacket will be a great help. BSX gives you this exact feature and makes life better instantly.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Revco
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Model: BX9C-2XL
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 2X-Large
  • Material: FR Cotton


  • Built with lightweight fabric
  • Dual Pockets
  • Extended arm and collars for safety
  • True to the sizes mentioned
  • Great protection from high temperature


  • Size might vary due to measurement units
  • Available in two colors only

4. Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket-cheap welding clothes

Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket

If you ask anyone who is an experienced welder, they will tell you all about the great features of the Miller Electric brand. It is highly reputed for being one of the best in the world of welding accessory producers in the US. This is the main cause that we, too, recommend this brand to you.

The overall features of the brand are really way above the others you will find in the market. You might struggle to find a welding jacket according to your welding system, but the company produces different welding jackets based on that system requirements.

Go through this review completely, and you will get to know about all the great features of this brand. For reviewing this model of welding jackets from Miller, we have examined some quality products. This is one of those brilliant jackets that we have chosen for you, considering the resistance to heat, fire, and sparks.

The main use of a welding jacket is the above-mentioned ones, but you don’t always have to choose the jacket with the most resistance. If you are working with overhead welding or something that generates lots of sparks, you should go for this jacket, which is made combining 88% Cotton and 12% Nylon.

If the temperature at your workplace is high and you sweat too much, or if you are worried about your jacket being heavy, consider buying this one.

Word of advice, as one of the materials used to make the jacket is cotton, you should be considering the risks associated with that. However, you can rest assured that it’ll handle the sparks with flying colors.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Miller 
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Model: 2241909
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Size: X-Large
  • Material: 88% Cotton, 12% Nylon


  • High flame resistance
  • Great coverage for collars
  • Light cotton and nylon material
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Proper ventilation


  • May not be ideal for heavy-duty usage
  • The cuff adjustments might not be ideal for everybody

5. Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket

Lincoln Electric Flame Resistant FR Cotton Welding Jacket

This exclusive jacket on the market is made from great quality heat retardant fabric and stitched with threads made from polyester to give you a comfy protective experience for different welding works. And its seams are sewn with the use of multi-layer stitches. This helps to minimize the risk of ripping or tearing; and thus, increase durability.

There are times when your jacket gets very soaked with your sweat and need to be washed. Many of the available jackets can’t be washed. But the Lincoln has fabric that is coated with a washable layer, which works as the first line of defense in case the jacket comes in contact with fire.

Also, you can easily wash this up to 50 times at least, without damaging any of the outer layers or degrading the performance.

Accordingly, there is always the chance that you might require additional adjustments with your jackets. That’s because if your jackets do not fit you well, it will not serve your needs.

Due to that, each of the cuffs has buttons that have a coat of nickel on them and can easily be adjusted to give you the best protection against sparks and heat.

This also works great in case of low amperage. Amperage is the thing that controls the welding penetration, for those who don’t know, now you know.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Lincoln Electric
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Model: K2985-XXXL
  • Color: Black
  • Size: XXXLarge
  • Material: Cotton


  • Multi times washable
  • Great for low amperage welding
  • Zero burns on the outer layer
  • Great for field welding
  • Extended arm protection


  • The buttons might break due to rough usage
  • Does not come with front pockets

6. QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket Flame-Resistant Heavy Duty Split Cowhide Leather-Best Overall

QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket Flame Resistant

After researching and surveying the market for years, QeeLink has come up with a groundbreaking design for you. As we know that welding jackets can be expensive, especially if they are made with good quality material.

Hence, you would want it to serve your purpose for a long time so that you do not have to frequently spend money to buy a new one.

This model gives you exactly that. It’s made from thick and authentic leather, which provides maximum longevity. The best part of having heavy-duty leather on your welding jacket is that it will always keep away the risks and threats that fire can cause by itself.

Therefore, buying a strongly built apron to ensure maximum safety and minimize your troubles is mandatory. Thus, these welding leather work Jackets are built to last. With this, it will be the end of having scratches and cuts while welding. Also, you can use this one for many other purposes.

Suppose you need to clear a large weed-strewn area at your house. There is a chance that most of it were left unnoticed, and it overgrew. Especially, the vines that have thorns on them are the riskiest ones. They get caught in your clothes, and most of the work jackets get penetrated by them.

Even the winter jackets and coveralls fail in this matter as your arms and backs have a chance of getting scratched badly. But, this jacket won’t be a disappointment, we promise you that.

Moreover, if you have done little welding or have retired as a machinist, you will still need a jacket to weld when you find the welders did not do the way you wanted.

Product Specs

  • Brand: QeeLink
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: M to XXXL
  • Material: Split Cowhide Leather


  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Great durability
  • Industrial quality leather
  • Can be used as coveralls
  • Maximum fire resistance
  • Inside pocket and soapstone pocket on each sleeve for storage.


  • Snaps might get damaged due to rough usage
  • Buttons can be stitched back if they somehow come off

7. Lincoln Electric Brown Large Flame-Resistant Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

Lincoln Electric Brown Large Flame-Resistant Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

In case if you are looking for a heavy work leather welding jacket, Lincoln has a great offer for you.

A major concern for welders is that no matter what kind of modern synthetic fabric is used to make a welding jacket, nothing protects you from heat and flame-like leather. In that regard, a quality leather jacket is what every welder desires and deserves.

In any kind of welding work you do, the most vulnerable part is your hands. So, having a jacket that has an extended arm can prove to be very useful for you. It will protect the arms from the spatters that fly around as you work.

During several customer surveys done by some organizations, it shows that customer has gone through serious injuries after burning their clothes while welding. The safest way to protect your torso from heat and flame is a leather jacket like the one we have here.

It is a little bit larger and is able to resist high-temperature flames. You can use it in any weather you want for your protection. Unlike the other jackets, this has a triple layer stitching for the seams. This helps it to be more resistant to fraying, and a very stylish flip-up collar is introduced in this.

As you can assume, it is for the protection of your neck. You can choose whether you want to close the front of your jacket or keep it open in case if it is too hot. It has a zipper for that. The snaps on this give you adjustability and security from spatters. You can keep your tools in the large inner pocket.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Lincoln Electric
  • Weight: 1.00 pounds
  • Model: KH807L
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Large
  • Material: Resistant cotton


  • Flip-up collars
  • Extended leather sleeves
  • Front Zipper
  • Flame-resistant leather
  • Large pockets


  • Might smell bad if it gets too heated or dirty
  • The zipper might get jammed due to extreme heat

8. Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket-Best Value

Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

What makes a welding worker’s toolbox complete? A person might have all the tools and gadgets with him/her and still face troubles. One of the major reasons is that welding jobs are risky. They cause many types of accidents. This is why welding jackets and aprons are important parts of your toolbox.

Having said that, Lincoln has the perfect protection for you to use in your welding projects. The material used to make this stylish accessory is a high-quality split cowhide. Not only the front but also the sides are made of flame retardant leather. It provides you protection and does not let you worry about any of the spatter or heat.

After researching and surveying the market for years, the makers from Lincoln have come up with a groundbreaking design for you. The user report for this model shows how greatly the customers are satisfied after using it.

This is one of the best performing jackets to work in high amperage, which results in high temperatures. Amps mainly measure how efficiently the welding machine cools down. So, it can be said that high amperage or unorthodox usage is not a threat to it. It not only protects your arms, neck protection, and torso but also saves you from the sun.

As we know that UV radiation from the sun can cause many kinds of skin diseases and burns, the jacket needs to protect you from it. The good quality leather keeps the sparks away from your skin while you work on a welding job and will protect you from harmful weather conditions.

Likewise, the revolutionary thermal insulation system keeps you cool on the inside and provides excellent ventilation to give you the ultimate comfort.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Lincoln Electric
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Model: K2989-XL
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Size: X-Large
  • Material: Leather


  • Adjustable snaps
  • Proper ventilation
  • Flame retardant cotton
  • High amperage protection
  • Protection from UV radiation
  • Multi-layer stitches


  • All the great features justify the extra weight
  • Might feel a little tight if thick clothes are worn underneath

9. Waylander Welding Jacket Large Split Leather Heat Fire Resistant Cotton Kevlar Stitched Cowhide

Waylander Welding Jacket Large Split Leather

This Waylander jacket has its back as well as its front made of exclusive quality fire resistant cotton fabric. It provides great comfort for the user and helps to work with more efficiency. Also, because of the way it is built, it gives you great mobility. It will be disturbing if the snaps and velcros come off in the middle of your work.

However, the one we have here has great velcro bonds that provide additional comfort. You will be able to use this for many purposes, such as welding, gardening, woodcutting, workshop, butcher shop, blacksmith work, woodworks, etc.

We can promise you this when you use this jacket on a regular basis, the overall quality, and performance will give you satisfaction, unlike no other purchase.

The upper torso might feel a little tight, but not too much. Its sleeves are long, and with the help of the buttons at the wrist, it will fit easily. You can also use your welding gloves over the cuffs.

If the neck feels stiff at first, give it some time to loosen up a little. After that, the kevlar best welding jacket will surely get more comfortable. You can also wrap a cotton band on the neck. This is useful if you are using the jacket after a few weeks. It will tremendously increase your level of comfort.

All of these are small efforts to put because after doing so, you will not have a single spark go down your collar.

At the same time, we suggest you not to get disappointed by the Velcro and button combination. No matter how it might seem at first, you can simply take off the jacket in case you have to get rid of it quickly.

For keeping additional tools like soapstones, a notebook and pencils, the inverted pockets are great. Internal linings are also convenient.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Waylander
  • Weight: 2.85 pounds
  • Model: JC850 
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Size: Large
  • Material: Leather


  • Great Velcro/button combination
  • Cotton fabric on the inside
  • Well-fitted torso
  • Tight protection for sparks
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs


  • Might not be very good for overhead welding
  • The tight fit might be uncomfortable for some users

10. Revco BSX Welding Jacket

Revco BSX Welding Jacket

To end the list, we have a great one. It is another high-grade jacket by cotton welder jacket producers, Revco. You might think that the great features and reputation of Revco will cost you a lot. However, although it comes with quality features, it is still quite affordable.

The jackets provide extended sleeves in order to protect your arms. Regardless of what your size or height is, the jacket will fit you perfectly. The most important thing for you is to pick the right size. These are produced to provide perfect fitting.

You will be able to move freely when you are wearing the jacket, which reduces the chances of an accident due to the restriction of movement. As it is made from cotton, the jacket is lightweight. It weighs around 1.8 lbs. Overall, it is pretty convenient and easy to put on. The high collar prevents scattered particles from hitting on the body. It can be the best lightweight welding jacket.

Consequently, the cotton material allows it to be perfectly fit for all conditions. It does not matter if it is winter or summer. This jacket lasts longer than others, and so long that the only reason to get another welding jacket will be to try something new.

This jacket is available in several sizes to select from and also has straps that can be adjusted for proper fitting. It will be very easy for you to move and work while wearing it.

Product Specs

  • Brand: Revco
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Model: Bsx Bx9C Small
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Material: flame-resistant cotton


  • Flame resistant cotton and comfortable
  • Made of light material
  • Affordable and durable
  • High collar for neck
  • Long sleeves for protecting arms
  • Dual inside and scribe pockets


  • Might not be ideal for heavy-duty usage
  • The cotton inside the jacket might get soaked in sweat

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What to Look for Before Buying?

You might feel a little lost among all the variations of welding jackets. But if you know about the features well, you will be able to make better decisions and buy according to your needs. Here are some essentials for you:


Some people don’t care how they look like, but some are careful about the looks of their jacket. Welding jackets are different in colors and styles. Every jacket available out there does not come with stylish looks as well as the protection and features. But there are many brands and models to choose from.

Others prefer the plain and simple classic leather jacket look with vintage printed logos and designs. However, most users prefer sleek modern designs. If you select carefully by taking a bit of time to check them out, you will be able to find one that makes you look cool.


The comfort of a welding jacket depends on many things. And the first and foremost is the fabric from which the jacket is made from. There are a number of varieties in the case of these kinds of fabrics. The classic designs have pure leather on the outside and cotton on the inside. This gives you a very smooth and soft feeling.

However, a drawback of having cotton on the inside is that it gets soaking wet if the users sweat too much due to the heat. On the other hand, modern designs have nylon fabrics. They are not as comfortable as cotton but are very light.


The quality of anything involves the product as a whole and also its parts and components separately. In the case of exclusive accessories like a welding jacket, there are many producers and brands. Each of them come up with their own features. Some are very different from each other with their buttons, snaps, cuffs, zippers, etc.

These are introduced in the jackets in different ways by the different companies. Some are made for lightweight usage, and some are for heavy-duty usage. You can use some of these in hot weather, and some might make you uncomfortable due to the absence of proper ventilation.


The weight of a jacket mainly varies depending on the kind of material that is used to make it. We all know that leather jackets shield your body better against flames and heat. They rarely get burned. But the major drawback is that they are much heavier than the modern synthetic materials, which are widely used these days.

Many people do not want any kind of extra weight on their shoulders. Whereas cotton will give you a light and comfortable feeling, leather will make sure you have enough protection. Go through the above-mentioned review and choose a jacket according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I am 6’0 tall and 200lbs, what size would be recommended?

We recommend large for you. The medium may also work, but I think it will be too tight sometimes to work with. It also depends on what clothes you have underneath.

Are these machine washable? What about tumble drying?

In the case of a leather jacket, we strongly suggest not to go for a machine wash because it will damage the leather badly. If you have to clean it, take a soft wet piece of cloth to rub and remove the filth. Do not use too much water directly on the leather. Keep it at room temperature to dry the water on it.

Are these insulated to keep out the heat? Do they give the impression that they are too hot?

Some of these are made of thin cotton material and are not insulated. If any spatter lands on it while welding, you will feel it pretty quickly. It is a good one to wear if you are grinding.

What are the pockets on the sleeves for?

The small pockets on the upper sleeves are for keeping small tools that may be needed during welding.

I wear XL shirts and sweatshirts. I want to put these on over my shirts. Should I get XL or XXL?

You should definitely go for the XXL. XL sweatshirts will increase the measurements of your body, and if you do not buy an XXL, it will certainly feel tight and uncomfortable.

How well does this jacket hold up with the sweat in the summer heat?

It is the best for the purpose you are buying it. You can wear it whenever you want and in whatever weather you want throughout the year. It has great ventilation overall and fits for both outdoors and workshops. Also, you can easily wash it often.

What protective clothing is needed in arc welding?

Protective clothing is required for welding job that includes common fire-resistant clothes, glasses, and gloves.

Final Words

So, these were our picks for the best welding jackets. Now that we have shortened the list to 10 and explained all the features, buying the one you require should not be very difficult, we hope. Just make sure that you know the measurements of your body correctly and also the fabric you prefer to use.

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