How Does MIG Welding Work- Working Process Of MIG Welding

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Are you looking for equipment to merge two metal pieces? MIG welding is an arc welding process used for joining two based material together. The full form of MIG welding is Metal Inert Gas welding. Another name for it is GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), which is its technical name. Some people also call it wire welding. It might come in handy for you if you are an artist, farmer, bike-sports enthusiast, hobbyist, or someone who loves DIY and making things. This article will help you to know about how does MIG welding works?

How MIG welders work?

how mig welding works

A thin electrode wire is fed from a spool attached to the welder machine. It comes out of the nozzles of the welding gun. The wire is fed continuously on pulling up the trigger. Once you pull the trigger, it also supplies welding current and shielding gas. Between the workpiece and the wire, an electric arc is formed. It keeps heating the metals to their melting point, causing them to melt and joint. The metal to be joint is called base metal, and the metal that comes from the melting wire electrode is known as filler metal. MIG always adds filler to the joint.

MIG wire goes through the wire feeder to enter into the conduit liner. The liner goes through the welding lead to the nozzle. A contact tip is connected with the nozzle from where the wire comes out from the welding machine. Shielding gas is also fed continuously through the welding lead. It is often a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide, which protects the melted metal from the components in the air to avoid an unwanted reaction.

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Equipment to function it

To perform MIG welding one needs to have these following equipment-

Welding gun:

The typical MIG welding gun has several vital features, including control switch, contact tip, power cable, gas nozzle, electrode conduit and liner, and gas hose. Usually, the contact tip is made of copper. It must have proper size as it will pass the electrode wire and maintain the electrical contact at the same time. The gas nozzle handles the task of supplying shielding gas evenly to the working area. Larger nozzles are preferable for the high current welding operation. Sometimes a water-cooling system is built into the gun to maintain the cooling system of the machine itself.

Wire feed unit:

The wired feed unit supplies the electrode to work.

Power supply:

The constant-voltage power supply is needed to perform this operation. It is directly related to the length of the arc. Changing arc length can adjust the intensity of the heat input and current. Shorter arc length can result in much higher heat input. Sometimes a constant power source is used in combination with this to achieve a similar effect. Alternating current (AC) is rarely used with MIG welding. Instead, direct current (DC) is employed.

Electrode wire:

Electrode also addressed as MIG wire is a metallic alloy wire. It has a significant contribution to the quality of welding. There are different types of electrode wires. One needs to be careful with wire selection. Usually, these are made of deoxidizing metals such as manganese, titanium, silicon, and aluminum to prevent porosity that can be caused by oxygen.

Gas supply:

It is mandatory to prevent atmospheric gases to avoid fusion defects or porosity. Shielding gas is a compulsory element stored in high-pressure cylinders. A device called a regulator can control pressure. Gas is supplied to the nozzle from the tanks of shielding gas. It is employed to protect the weld. The choice of welding gas depends on the material type of the object being welded. For nonferrous welding, argon and helium are used. Again carbon dioxide is used to achieve deep penetration. It is suggested to use 75% of argon and 25% of carbon dioxide.

Final thoughts

The working procedure of MIG welding might seem complicated, but once you start working with it, it will get as comfortable as using a glue gun. The underlying structure of the machine can be complicated, but it is super simple to use once you know how does MIG welding works.

How Does MIG Welding Work– Process Of MIG Welding

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